These are my reasons why fall kicks summer in the lady bits- considering seasons are all female?

1: The sluts go home. (Oh, that was too bold.) Summer will be back soon & so will your cropped tee's.
2: SNUGGLE WEATHER. Currently, McKay sleeps on his side of the bed & I sleep on mine. We build the great wall of pillows between us to block heat waves. It doesn't work. He's just too hot.
3: I wouldn't consider myself fashionably-inclined, but I know what I like. I am okay with over-sized sweats, scarfs, hats & boots.
4: Permission to be fat, fat, fat because you dress 5 times too big for your body.
5: If you choose otherwise, the post-gym walk to your car feels like a bath in Wendy's Frostys.
6: I'm better at winter sports in comparison to summer sports like sledding, pumpkin carving & making love when it's not a million degrees.
7: Instead of intentionally making your house smell like a flowery meadow, melons & rainbows, you can burn candles that smell like cinnamon & marshmallows.
8: Starbuck's holiday hot cocoa. Period.
9: I save money because driving in the snow is terrifying, hence a lack of shopping & using of gas. Win.
10: Bachelor Pad will be over. Modern Family will start- & new girl & any other show filled with the slightest bit of substance.
11: Christmas pajamas or no pajamas at all. That's an option.
12: I become substantially funnier in the winter because (you've got it) my brain isn't melting.
13: November 30th. Christmas music. I'm one of those.
14: I can dress up like a turtle for Halloween.
15: McKay & I get to decorate our white Christmas tree for the first time.
16: The sweat-triggered colony of zits on my forehead will move to another country.

Now accepting more valid reasons why the fall & winter wins.

(When I start hating the snow, I will write a post why the summer is the superior season. It's an ongoing cycle.)


  1. fall leaves are awesome, such great colors.
    i'm pale and pales always in style in the winter.
    hats can cover your dirty hair
    who cares what you wear everyday, you just wear the same coats, jeans and boots.
    cocoa motion


  2. discreetly agreeing to the last of #6. and hating on wendy's frosty baths. no matter how much i start to hate summer, i will never convince myself i love snow. and here's to the sluts going home.

  3. hahahahaha this is HILARIOUS. I can't wait for Modern Family to start either! I agree with ALL of these things. And I also can't wait to start Christmas music RIGHT after Thanksgiving. PS We both have husbands named McKay :)

  4. i think in the first line you meant IN the lady bits. not is.
    i think....
    and this is only anonymous in case i am wrong.

    oh and number four is my favorite.
    so true.
    bring on the Fall.

  5. I just found your blog and you are hilarious! I love how honest you are about everything.

  6. i'm getting married in december. so that's something that makes it trump summer. which it's good that i have something to look forward to because i'm one of those, love the heat, hate the freezing, people.

  7. snow can die.

  8. My friend referred me to your blog because she says you are exactly how she imagines me in a few years. We share obsessions with photography, being abruptly honest about life, sincere about our LDS faith, and just general other generic things. I read your blog (The one from when you are in high school first, that's the one she sent me too), found you absolutely hilarious, I decided it a compliment. I wouldn't mind being like you at all. Thanks for the happy reading and decidedly awesome person I can look forward to being like:P
    Oh, and fall is my favorite.

  9. this is giving me fall fever.
    it's my favoritest season of all time.


  11. Haha oh my gosh your first reason made me laugh so hard! I'm so excited for the cold weather too being pregnant in the summer isn't all that great especially while having to cover up your g's (;


  12. Ha, I agree with most of these, but it makes me uncomfortable when people equate the word 'slut' with girls who wear little clothing. The definition of 'slut' is a sexually promiscuous woman, not one that wears short shorts and cropped tee's in the summer. Just my opinion.

    In other words, YES x 1,000 for the cold bath after working out. Beautiful choice of words there, ha!

    Also I love Bachelor Pad. It's the inner hoochie girl in me.

    I'm a November 1st Christmas kind of girl. :) Sometimes I'm an August 1st Christmas kind of girl. Ha!

  13. *Any delectable item Made with pumpkin (Ex: Pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin dip, pumpkin hot chocolate etc.)
    *The need for shaving your legs is far less frequent (as long as hubby doesn't mind)
    *Hunting Season
    *Fluffy Muppet Socks
    *More Baking because the oven wont push the kitchen to 110 degrees
    *Start of the Holiday Season
    *Homemade Soup
    *Our Birthdays
    *Big Marshmallow Coats
    *Carmel Apples

    Just to name a few...

  14. i do the same thing. where which ever season you're in, you think of all of the fabulous things that occur in the next season. it's cool.


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