photos & panties.


my photo wall 2.0 is slowly taking over our tiny apartment. I take less photos because we can only have so many "sitting on the couch, snuggling to netflix" pictures. For those who ask if I use magic to hang photos, the answer is yes. Tape. Magic tape.

also, today I vacuumed up my panties. That was good. I also tried to kill a spider with hairspray because I have a fear of getting within an arms length of the beasts. I'm seven & belong in kindergarten.


  1. yes. this is a glorious sight. i love it. i was worried. i thought you died.

  2. I once vacuumed up panties as well. awful feeling.

  3. Use carpet cleaner spray to kill spiders on the floor, then vacuumed them up.

  4. I once vacuumed up a shoestring and it wrapped around the bottom spinner thing and then something blew inside the vacuum cleaner and then no one could use it without the entire room smelling like burnt hair...

    PS. I love the photos. Is it weird to ask for a house/apartment tour? I feel like you've got the best decorating skills for the girl on a budget and I wanna see some more... Please and Thank You!

  5. umm...i love this idea.
    So adorable.


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