burn it to the ground.


As I have said before,

My mom was a candle-burner. In fact, to some people, that is what she was known for. Noble, I know. Our house smelled of cinnamon sticks & orange zest.

When she passed away, I was told that her habits that were embedded within me would come to the surface. I suppose we can add burning candles can be added to the list.

These are my favorite.

I don't floral scents. It reminds me of bad, elderly perfume. I also avoid butter-based scents. I leave the cupcakes & donuts for my baking. With that said, it is so hard to find Autumn scents that don't make me feel like I'm getting high off of sugar. Leaves has been my safe place this Fall. In fact, I've burned through 2 of Bath & Body Work's 3 wick candles in this scent. It has the slightest spicy edge which gives our home a cozy feel.

Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin is my least favorite out of my favorites. I will still repurchase but it's definitely a back up if I run out of my others. It has the same spice that Leaves has but it smells too burnt for my liking.
I can burn Spice all year round. It leans more Christmas for me than Autumn. It's a smell that you want to snuggle to. That's not weird.

If you aren't fond of the cinnamon edge, but still want a scent that is warm I would recommend Cranberry Woods. I normally only burn fruity scents in the Summer & Spring but Cranberry Woods is sweet but it still smells like Autumn. When I smelled it in the store, I wasn't convinced but it burns differently  It's fantastic & I'll definitely purchase again this season.

In our bedroom, I usually burn a masculine scent so McKay doesn't feel like he is living in a woman's house. I also don't like the scent as potent in our bedroom as I do in our living room or kitchen. It makes me feel weird when I sleep & I can only smell strawberry. I'm currently burning Mountain Lodge which doesn't smell like a 14 year old who got the deluxe Axe package for Christmas. It's a mild scent but it's nice for a bedroom.

& my all time favorite is,

Volcano by Capri Blue. You can purchase it from Anthropologie or if you are from Utah County, Soel and Francesca's. I could burn this candle every day, all year round. I don't because I can't afford it. I can burn out in the 20 oz in a week. It's SO good. It's inappropriate.

What are your favorites? For the holidays & all year round?


    i love "Leaves". I just went to Bath & Body works the other day to pick it up and they were sold out :(. So sad.

    So I got a "Autumn" and "Apple Cider" :)

    I don't think I actually have favorites.. I think it depends what season it is for me... like once Christmas comes, I'll hate the smell of Leaves and love the smell of Gingerbread or something haha.

  2. Where do you and your husband shop for your clothing? My fiance is looking for some new stores and your hubby has the style. Please tell?

    1. Most of McKay clothes are from the UK from when he was living in Scotland but we shop at Forever 21, Cotton On & thrift stores.

  3. I LOVE creamy pumpkin and leaves. I have a Leaves car freshener and it is so wonderful.

  4. I LOVE the leaves scent too! However living in the dorms I cannot burn candles so I have to use the wallflower plug in's from Bath and Body Works. I've had Pumpkin Spice Latte and the Cider one so far. I'm leaning towards loving the cider one more though!

    I'm like you, I don't like the butter sweet smells either.


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