in theory,


Holiday's are more fun when you have a husband. McKay & I turned on the giants game and started hacking away at our pumpkins.

Pumpkin carving is a weird thing. In theory, it is fun. It use to be fun anyway.

It didn't go well.

My owl didn't look like an owl so I started over. McKay's elaborate giants logo was too much for his pumpkin to handle. It snowed so we lit our pumpkins inside.

happy halloween.


  1. Meg, I love you, first of all.
    Your blog posts make my day every time without fail.
    Lately, I've been reading a new blogging friend Jessica's blog;
    yours & her writing remind me so much of each other.
    I figured, maybe you'd appreciate a new married couples blog to read and relate to.
    It really is so weird how alike I feel like you and Jess are, through your blogs.
    Could be wrong; but you be the judge of that.


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