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Vixen by Revlon. It's my fall favorite. // I decided to get crafty & make a Halloween wreath.
My brother & I go on lunch dates. He's getting cuter which makes me nervous. // I'm taking advantage of the fall colors in my neighborhood. I pull over & take photos of the trees. I'm not a weirdo.
'Tis the season for the Giants. // I should be in rehab. Reese's Pumpkin rehab.
I watch a lot of beauty vloggers which led me to buy a berry colored lipstick. I like it. // I'm devastated. I was so invested in their relationship, it was creepy. Maybe it's better for my personal healthy that they parted ways, but I still feel unnecessarily sad.
Sometimes a girl just needs a steak // & cookies.
I started Grey's & I'm on season 3. Another show I shouldn't be addicted to. // I disregarded the weather & wore a pea coat today.


  1. hey we're tied. grey's is freaking addicting/

  2. when we were dating i made josh watch greys anatomy and he got so hooked that we watched the entire thing all summer. and now he hates waiting every week to see an episode... we may go back and start watching our favorites all over again...

  3. ummm i'm also freaking sad about emily and jef (although maybe now i can date him ah ha ha). and those reeses just called my name and i think i'll have to go buy me some :)

  4. The berry lipstick looks awesome on you!

  5. I LOVE that lipetick on you! Stunner!

  6. grey's anatomy is the shit. seriously


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