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I've got a good husband. I got a fair amount of criticism when I got married at the ripe age of 19. I get it. I'm young & innocent in the face of the world. Whatever. I met McKay, fell wildly in love, spent some time on my knee's consulting with the big man upstairs & we sealed the deal.

He's really great.

We (I went, he came involuntarily) to The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I have tendency to cry over everything, especially movies with emotional scenes- which happens to be every movie. During any scene like so, McKay will reach over & pat his finger in the corner of my eyes to see if I'm shedding tears. It's probably mockery but I think it's sweet.

Go see that movie. It's a good one, besides the fact you might want to make harry potter jokes any time Emma Watson in on the screen.


  1. I hope you've read the book.
    It's wonderful :)

  2. bah! yes! josh kinda stares at my face during the sad parts and will wipe my tears whether or not he knows they are there. he thinks its cute and just likes to see it happen which i think is weird,but whatevskis.

  3. I cried so hard during that movie. I still am not recovered.

  4. It's finally in theaters here! i thought it was never going to come. hallelujah.

  5. I've decided that we need to do fun married things together with our cute husbands. What do you think?


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