20 candles.


I was birthed 20 years ago. Two decades.

Every birthday is a good one. Also, every birthday doesn't feel different besides the mass amount of sugar intake. This one feels weird though. I've left childhood, being a tween, a teen & now I'm an age that the society sort of acknowledges as respectable & responsible.

My 19th year has been a year of firsts,

// I married a really great person.
// I dropped out of college.
// I re-enrolled in college.
// I lost my V card. (ooolala.)
// I got pregnant.
// I miscarried.
// I bought couches, a mop & other adult-y things.
// I found other hobbies I prefer over blogging.
// I discovered the beauty of mormon-starbucks.
// I became a primary teacher.
// I learned that I prefer to spend time with family than friends.
// I realized that the best date nights are the ones spent snuggled up on the couch watching Prison Break.


  1. Happy happy birthday Mag!That sounds like an awesome year.:)

  2. We really need to be friends. I swear every post I find something else we have in common. This post- We spent our entire thanksgiving break hooked to Prison Break...
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! This has been quite the exciting year for you!

  3. Happy Happy Birthday to you!



  4. wow you certainly did a lot in your 19th birthday! hope you have a great 20th birthday!


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