did you know,


// i was a thanksgiving baby. They should have put me in a cornnicopia.
// i went to the lingrie shop on my wedding day in my dress- veil & all. Bad wife award. The sweet lady pitied me & stocked me up with bag full of inappropriate goodies. Win.

// i own Despicable Me, The Incredibles, Horton Hears A Who & How to Train Your Dragon because I"m a child & they make me feel better.

// yesterday I bought Christmas decorations, listened to Christmas music & wanted to set up the tree (but I don't have a tree) Mostly, I still feel the need to respect Thanksgiving. I am thankful for Christmas.

// Grey's sometimes makes me want to be a surgeon but then I remember I can't give blood because I can smell the iron in the air & it makes me want to barf all over the place.

// I am going to camp out for 3 hours in front of Target on Black Friday for the thrill (& towels.)


  1. I think there is nothing bad about buying lingerie for your wedding night (and for other nights too). I think it shows how brave you are - especially as a young woman - and that you want to feel comfortable and sexy for your man. You are a brave woman and I admire you for this.

  2. the fake trees at target are super cheap right now.

  3. I was a Thanksgiving baby, too. Happy Almost Birthday!

    And I highly recommend adding Monsters, Inc. to that list. It's the best :)

  4. The more I read your blog the more I think we should be friends. Despicable Me and How to Train your Dragon are my all time favorites. To bad I don't live anywhere near Utah. Oh well we can still be blogger friends right.


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