obligation to blog.


with that delicious photo,
I'm stepping away from the sugar this month. I am allowing myself one cheat day a week but with the rule, I can't consume the entire week's lack of sugar in one day. My sweet tooth is relentless.

I turn 20 this month. That's weird.

Sometimes I have play dates with strangers. McKay feels like I am going to be kidnapped. The blogosphere is a good place to make friends. I particularly like this girl & this one.

Being in nursery is terrible on fast sunday. Every time one of those round faced children ask me for more goldfish, I want to say no. Starve, child, starve. I'm terrible.

I am a binge-pinner. I will avoid pinterest for months then overload within a few days. I am so sorry for those who feel like they have entered the north pole. See what I mean?

Speaking of, McKay asked what I wanted to do for the big 2-0 & I said, I want to go buy Christmas ornaments. It's fine. I blame my mother. She loves Christmas- decor & all.

This song. Every day.

Oh! I finished season six of Grey's. Let's talk about anxiety. Also, tonight's episode of Walking Dead was ridiculous. I was ready for T Dog to get mauled by zombies but- the others? Mind blown.

I really love vampy red lips but not for kissing McKay. (Cherry Bomb by Wet N Wild.)

happy late night sunday.


  1. also just finished season 6. about 2 hours ago.
    freaked out. it's fine.
    sorry i keep commenting about grey's.
    but it's just too great.

  2. Nursery on fast sunday is inhuman, I feel your pain. Your blog is adorable!

  3. nursery on fast sunday. agreed. not only am i so hungry and have to watch the kids eat gummy bears and goldfish, but i'm ornery and can't put up with their crap. i want a day off on fast sundays.

  4. Love those lips...can I look like you please? Oh , and way to go with the sugar. I have a goal to not eat sugar from Halloween to Thanksgiving. It is so hard! I am sure I will more than make up for it once the holidays roll around!

  5. ha if i were to ever go off of sweets id need a nicotine patch, because i think they put nicotine in all the sweets which makes them so addictive. but i wish ya the best of luck, and as for your lip stick choice. superb. love it. and youre as darling as always.

  6. You look lovely! I'm way too pale to pull of the red lips look :) Good luck with the sugar thing... I should probably do that...

    Morgan @ morgan-alexandra.blogspot.com

  7. i was missing your zombie talk. :)

  8. first visit to your blog and I'm hooked. Love that we love the same things! Binge pinteresting, the walking dead, Grey's anatomy (Just recently got caught up.... I don't know what I will do with all of the emotions running around in me because of one tv show... not to mention all the others I watch. Overload for sure.) Happy Holidays.




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