the good things.


Due to my raging pre-period hormones, my spontaneous breakdown happened in my major adviser's office. That was good.


If you feel like you want to cry, crawl under a rock, change your major, or drop out of college entirely to become a freelance-anything, I suggest the following to regain your composure.

1: Walk slowly. Enjoy the warm weather because it will soon be gone. Remember that you are okay.

2: Reward yourself for being awesome when you aren't losing it. Such as,

3: Go to Ikea, if you are into it. I am, so I did.

4: Kiss your husband loads.

5: Exercise & listen to good music. Beyonce will work.

6: Watch old episodes of The Office. Michael Scott makes the entire world smile.

7: Pray that your hormones get a grip.


  1. haha! i broke down in the middle of my drawing class and my teacher had no idea what to do with me. at least you only had one person see it.

  2. i love ikea. wish i lived closer to the utah one though.

  3. I cried at work's fine. I'm glad I'm not the only one this happens to... Or the only one who enjoys a good Michael Scott laugh :) I hope you feel better, dear!


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