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For my entire life, I have been a picker. Any time I would get anxious, stressed or taken by an extreme case of boredom, I would pick off any length of nail I had. I grew my nails to pick them into stubs. It was terrible. I started buying polish because if I had manicured nails, I refrained from picking.

So, here we are.

Lengthy nails with a crap-ton of products. These are my favorites.

one // a fine tipped paint brush. (I use a Master's Touch 700R-2 Round which retails for $4 or $5.)To keep a clean line around my cuticles, I dipped it in the acetone & run it around the nail.

two & three // I prefer to use non-acetone based removers but to each his own. Acetone dries out the skin around my nails which makes me crazy but it does remove the glitter that wants to make a home on your nails forever.

four // (& twelve, & thirteen) That was bad planning. Even with a use of a base coat, my nails stain too easily for my liking. If you mix three tablespoons of baking soda, & one tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide into a paste then brush it into your nails, it will remove the staining. Win.

five // Q-tips, handy for everything.

six // 5 second brush on glue is a life saver when your nail snags but you still want a few weeks of length. Brush, dry, buff. After you put polish over it, you'll never know you have a snag. You can purchase it at any drug store. I got mine from Walgreens.

seven // nailtiques formula 2 is a nail protein for soft nails & it works wonders. I use it twice a week before I apply a base coat. My nails are signifcantly stronger & don't break as frequently. With that said, it is $18 which might give you anxiety. It does work though if your nails want to cry because they don't have any muscles.

eight // fancy wooden cuticle destroyer sticks. You can buy them in bulk at Sally's. When I paint outside the lines, I take one of the magic sticks & remove any unwanted paint.

nine // one cotton ball. Break into ten small chunks, dip in remover, set on nail, sit for a few minutes, wipe.

ten & eleven // I have unbelievably dry skin around my nails. I try to use some sort of treatment every evening to sit over night. I am currently using Burt's Bee's Lemon Cuticle Cream or cuticle oil that you can buy at any beauty store.

twelve & thirteen // See four.

fourteen // cuticle clippers. Some say it's unhygienic to remove your cuticles, but whatever. I don't like them so I get rid of them.

fifteen // Oh, the four sided tropical shine buffer is the best. You can get it at Sally's. It's a nice little friend to keep in your purse. It's files, buffs, & shines.

sixteen // Nutra Nail Strengthener is a must have. I use this every time I change my polish. I apply it before my base coat. My nails have been growing quicker since I've been using it. You can pick it up at any drug store.

seventeen // Seche Vite dry fast top coat is my go to top coat. I would only suggest this top coat if you change your polish frequently because this formula is amazing but it thickens so quickly in the bottle. You can buy the Seche Vite restore product to thin it out, but I haven't tried it. I probably repurchase this product every three months.

eighteen // Seche Vite base coat isn't anything fancy. It happens to be the one I'm using right now. I still get staining but not a frequently as when I was using the China Glaze base coat. If you are using a particularly awesome base coat, let me know.

nineteen // Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover works like a charm. You let it sit, push back your cuticles, clip & wash it off. It makes your cuticle's easier to work with.

twenty // a nail file, just in case.


  1. i'm totally the same way, i don't pick my nails when i have a nice manicure either! gel manicures were the key to me growing my nails a bit for our wedding. i'll have to check out some of these products!

  2. Meg I totally needed this! Totally have this problem too. Needed some ideas because the stress of finals is coming right up! Thanks!

  3. Seriously. A professional!! This is honestly a freakin talent!! You are neat!

  4. I used to always have staining, but i started using a nail hardener as my base coat instead of a real based coat. Iy helps strengthen my nails and now i never have a problem with my polish staining.

  5. So, just wondering - I've watched your blog for a while and my daughter is TOTALLY into nail polish - and I'd love to get her some for Christmas - (she really wants the China Glaze Techno) - where can I find this stuff? Essie, China Glaze, OPI - any ideas for me on where I can pick some of this stuff up? Thanks so much - appreciate it!

    1. I love ordering online at or because they sale at a wholesale price, however, so close to the holiday's it may not come in time.

      For China Glaze or Orly, you can buy it at Sally's. For Essie & some OPI, you can purchase at Target. For the best selection for most brands, I advise Ulta.

      If you are just buying one, like Techno, you can always order from Amazon because they ship quickly.


  6. Huge nail biter and my cuticles are always dry! SO thank you!!!!


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