in the spirit of receiving.


if I was living on daddy's bill, this might be my wish list.

one // this watch isn't even available anymore, so that's wishful thinking but i'd tap that.. watch.
two // I'm not sure why I need that cart, but it seems practical.
three // it's so ugly it's fantastic.
four // just in case my neck gets cold.
five // fix plus, i hear you do wonders.
six // sparkles for fancy days.
seven // loose sweater for fat days.
eight // in hopes to be softer than a baby's butt.
nine // in case the fat days turns into weeks.

but my real wish list is,

a lifetime supply of conditioner,
magic to keep the spiders out of my house
& an apartment with a dishwasher.


  1. I have this weird love for that little blue cart from Ilea.

  2. me too! i was just there yesterday and for some reason LOVE that blue cart. i feel like it would be put to use even if just decorative use.

  3. I love that sweater (number 9)! Have you ever bought from She Inside? How was the experience, if you don't mind me asking? thanks!

    1. I haven't. I will let you know if I do!

  4. I've been eyeing that cart from ikea for some time now! Love the color!

  5. Perfect wish list. I almost want that body butter just because of the label. And I got that blue car recently.... so perfect for storing blankets and putting cute decor on the top shelf!

  6. Oooooh my GOODNESS! I seriously love your blog! You are too cute!! Your list totally made me laugh & agree! #2, #7 & #9 cracked me up! And yes, a house spider-less is on the top of my list too!

    Your new follow friend,
    Shio :)

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