it's freaking whoville.


Apparently, I like Christmas. A lot.
candy canes // our first christmas tree.
Black friday, you make people into animals. // a knit beanie to warm your hairs.
candy candy truffles // the most time consuming wreath that i love dearly.
Black friday finds: candy cane shirt & bedazzled cardigan. the holidays make me want to bedazzle everything. // Igniting Love by China Glaze.
there is a danger decorating with candy. We only have red ones left. Oops. // Knit stockings.
our bedroom christmas tree. Sensual. // pom poms & thread.
This recipe // one of my favorite candles.
When I miscarried in June & was shipped to the ER, they ever-so-kindly sent us a hefty bill for all the good drugs they pumped me full of. We are still sending monthly payments to the hospital, but every month I send a love note. // Quirky trees revamped from Tai Pan.
I don't consume frozen yogurt like most of the valley does. It's like mormon crack, however, Yogurtland's Peppermint Hot Cocoa is ah-mazing. // We have a Christmas tree at work which is a delight.


  1. Where did you get those cute stockings?

    1. Target. They have red, green or ivory.

  2. actually my office is whoville. literally we are making a little whoville in my office


  3. I don't think you like Christmas. I think you LOVE Christmas!

  4. First of all, the shape of your christmas tree (the first one) is seriously to die for. Love it! Second, your nails rock. Third, love that you send love notes to the hospital bill people! That's so funny. Wish I had thought of that for my rent/gas/electric/water/etc bills.

  5. So glad to see someone who loves Christmas just as much as I do!


  6. Your drive, oh my goodness, could it be more beautiful!! I love that you send little notes with the bills, I am sure they get a kick out of that!

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loves Tia Pan. I've bought every backpack I've used in my high school career there and every time someone asks me where I got it, after I reply "Tia Pan" without fail they give me "ohh. you mean the store my grandmother shops at."
    it think its really cute and classy and is like walking through a legit winter wonderland during Christmas time.
    sorry. I'll stop now.


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