travels : vegas


 we stayed in the Luxor & the view from our room was terrifying. 
 The Caesar's Palace buffet was lovely but pricey. I think I went back for prime rib 4 times & didn't feel bad about it. 
 Vegas stores a lot of nudity.
 We tasted a handful of different sodas from around the world which made us feel really fancy like we were sampling wine, Mormon styled.

My frappe was 2 dollars more in Vegas. Thanks, you scum bags. (But we loved you & we'll be back.)


  1. next time you come you should visit fremont street. unless youve already been. fremont is my favorite. all the old classic casinos that have been around forever and what not.

  2. did you go on the rollercoaster in new york new york? terrifying. especially when the wind whips the frame.


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