I'm not making resolutions because resolutions are the reason the gym is too full for two weeks, then goes back to the normal amount of semi-healthy people.

but i would like to keep in mind a few things, 

adopt a pup. we don't particularly want any littles right now but i'm on board for a fuzzy snuggle buddy when McKay has to sleep at work. 

move. Unless our landlord says yes to the puppy & if our neighbors upstairs quit having fiestas in the middle of the night. 

focus. I have been focusing on weird things to avoid stress, like nail polish & cosmetics. I need to focus on figuring what I want to do school-wise. 

get comfortable. A few months ago, some anonymous person make a "you're fat" joke which really sent me into a complex. I've never had body image issues. In fact, I never had an opinion one way or another. In high school, I didn't know my weight because I didn't care. The last few months I've felt weird with myself & it bothers me. So, I'm going to get over it because if I'm being a logical human, which I'm not most days, I'm fine.

get healthier. I'm usually a 1 day dieter then a 3 day sugar inhaler, so I'll be avoiding magic diets. I'll choose water instead of orange soda because I'm an adult & not a third grader. Maybe I'll run instead of walk at the gym. (If you have a Gold's pass & live in Utah County, want to go to cycling or zumba? Good, let me know.)

save. we should put more away for rainy days- or the day when some sort of million dollar bill will show up & request our attention.

travel. Period.

& this list sounds like 90% of the female population, but whate'er.


  1. I'm trying to talk Tim into getting a puppy. Or even a cat! It's part of my 2013 goals.
    Getting healthier & saving are part of that list too, obviously. There's currently a $1 pizza in the oven, so I think 1/2 is good enough. Day 1 successful.

    Getting engaged is also on that this. This time next year,there should be a shiny new ring on my hand.

  2. I most definitely am in for Zumba and cycling!! I am such a dork cause up want to go to Zumba so bad but I just can't make myself go alone the first time! Hahah lets go!!

  3. Yes! I'm so in for zumba and cycling! Please! :-)

  4. Such a great list. You guys can come travel with us? Maybe our husbands will hit it off and be BFFs.

  5. already cracking up from the first line of your post. Because oh how true it is.... I dread these first two weeks. hahaha and your first two reso's I'm adding to mine. Dying for a pup but the landlords said no. Super lame. Happy New Year to you!



  6. i would totally go to the gym with you. indoor cycling is my all time favorite. But im dreading going to the gym in January because it is so stinking packed.

  7. I still can't believe someone told you that you were fat. Makes me glad that I don't ever get comments on my photo blog.

  8. Sign me up for zumba and cycling!! Especially because I will make you look real good. I'm only slightly lacking on my dancing coordination..... and physical fitness. Anonymous commenters are cowards and you're a hottie so don't even sweat it woman!

  9. you are by no means anywhere near the slightest hint of anything known as fat.


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