asians, arabians, & africans- oh my: the bachelor week 2


Cameras follow me around when I'm showering too. It's normal.

A helicopter? What? That's new.

I think I like the one-armed bandit. She seems real sweet & less crazy than the rest of the group. ABC is really milking the lack of an arm situation though, which I'm over.

Oh the model is SO excited for this photoshoot. Her confidence is SO exhausting.

Tierra has some crazy eyes. Some catty, crazy eyes. She makes me so nervous. She seemed nicer last week. Maybe it was because she didn't talk.

Lesley M, you're my favorite. You are awkward & I think we could be friends. Get it, girl.

Oh, the yoga teacher was a delight. Her hair was too. I hope she finds her yoga husband.

Kacie: 1. Tierra: 0. You can't have every rose, girlfriend.

Purple socks for the win. Sean, who dressed you today?

Sean likes Desiree. My money is on her.

I wonder who chooses the menu for dinner. Also, they never show them eating. I question if it's real food. Probably not.

I also wonder how much alcohol is consumed over one season. Probably an ocean's worth. Champagne for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Dessert too.

I get a cookie every time someone says, "I want to marry my best friend." I have 32 cookies thus far.

Amanda, you have a winning personality & great hair.

Well someone finally said it, ABC finally let go of the white girls only rule. 

Voted off the island : Brooke (she is the prettiest thing & her little pink number was excellent.) &
Diana (Ah, I'm always rooting for the Utah home girl)

Until next week, marry your best friend.



  1. i love this.
    "i want to marry my best friend" was the most used phrase of that episode and probably this season. but the season is looking extremely promising, and i'm excited for the next episode! drama!

  2. Great comments! *high fives for Dess*

  3. hahahhaha. the helicopter. really though. kacie's comment. really people? it happens every season.

    am i the only one that laughed real hard when the fake artist said "it only cost 5 dollars."

  4. I'm pretty sure you must have heard every comment I made last night and typed it up - ha. My money's on Des for sure, especially when he can't help but smile and call her Des ;)


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