becoming less of an idiot.


School presents a lot of opportunities to look like a complete imbecile, which is sort of the point of an education in the first place. You go in an idiot & come out a lesser one.


the idiocy is still there.

I firmly believe you shouldn't open your mouth in class unless A) you have a genuine question or B) you have something semi-useful to offer to the rest of your peers. Unfortunately, there is always that one person in every class that follows options C) to argue with the professor and classmates with no logic and D) to make statements that are totally irreverent to the class.

Two examples from my late night english class,

Person in the fedora, you are in a beginners english class & your professor has a doctorates in placing commas, you probably shouldn't argue with her about punctuation.

and kid in the back, stop mustering up questions that you word so eloquently but the value of the question is about as stupid as said person's fedora. 

I love school. Especially the kind at 10 PM.


  1. ugh, seriously. people are the worst. i often find myself wishing that i just did online classes or dropped out so i wouldn't have to listen to dumb questions/comments anymore. amen, sister.

  2. you're right, but sometimes the questions are so funny it makes class worthwhile haha

  3. Ha ha ha this is too good. You're an amazing writer

  4. UVU campus has too many fedoras, and stupid comment people. I understand you completely.

  5. Wow are you in my math class at UVU???? Cuz I have a few bones to pick with some people about those same issues. Can't we just listen to the teacher and if you have a question do it on your own time??? I sound like the biggest brat but... meh. Maybe it just happens during night classes. That's all I have ever known. I feel for you.


  6. Oh my gosh I completely agree with you! That's SO annoying!

  7. I totally agree! When I was in school every other day someone would ask the question "What if it's like in the Matrix and nothing is real?" It's like, come on people, we all saw that movie and it's now time to get over it. This is not a useful. I would just be thinking "I wish it was like the Matrix and you aren't real".


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