cake, cake, cake.


I made this over the weekend & it was great. Now I'm back to eating oats & broccoli which is less great.

I tell myself I want to be healthy but I would much rather have a box of oreos followed by a nap.

Please share your healthy eating recipes, work out tricks & avoiding sugar tips because I feel like a crack addict without my daily does of sugar.

(& my blog is quickly going downhill. I've been suffering with writers block for- well, a year. Sorry about it.)


  1. My main tip is this: don't tell yourself you can't have ever sugar. When you know you can't ever have it, or you can only have it one day a week, etc., then you overload the first chance you get. Instead, limit it per day - and it doesn't have to be drastic! Just take a step at a time. :) Example - If usually you eat the whole cake, then this week you can only eat 3/4 of it. Next week (or in two), you can only eat half the cake. Eventually you work down to a serving amount your mouth AND your mind are happy about :D My husband and I were just talking about how the main reason, we think, so many people give up on goals and resolutions is because they don't know how to make reasonable, accomplishable goals. Baby steps.

  2. if you crave sugar, eat a jolly rancher, tootsie roll or hershey's kiss. they're just the right amount of sweet to tide you over without killing your health goals.

  3. First of all, there is a recipe for a black bean chocolate cake that tastes about 23948575 better than it sounds. Like, better than chocolate cake cake. I used to eat sugar with every meal and then some. The only way I can avoid it is if I don't buy it all. I don't even keep chocolate chips in the cupboards for baking unless I'm sending the treats to someone else. That way it only happens when we go out or I'm at an event or something. (Like I have a social life with events.)

    That, and I tell Chad to body tackle me to the ground if I overeat my cookie quota for the evening.

    And healthy(er) dessert options:

  4. put a crapload of spinach in fruit smoothies. you don't taste it at all.
    this is coming from the person who ate m&ms for breakfast today, but that's neither here nor there.

  5. i'm no good at healthy tips, but i'm pretty sure i should just hire you to make delicious baked goods for me & my husband. everything you make looks SO delicious!

    xo, b.


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