farewell sweet, drunk kacie : the bachelor week tres.


Ooooh, coordinating bikinis. Real cute, ABC, real cute.

AshLee, capital L. Everyone has a sad story to offer & Sean eats it right up. I, on the other hand, am unamused.

Girlfriend was drunk which is bound to happen because alcohol is the main course of every meal. Foot in mouth, foot in mouth. I still love her.
I really love the criers. She was no exception. What a freaking nut case.
I wish they showed more of Catherine. She is hilarious & I'm placing my bets on her.
Oh, she's a winner. I don't think she will win (because this is a game, right?) but I definitely think she is bachelorette material.
Miss Sunshine makes me so nervous. I'm surprised she didn't go home. I wish she would have because I feel like she might kill off the rest of the girls.
Every season needs a particularly crazy girl or a girl that throws herself down the stairs for a snuggle session. You're a gem.

I was bored. There are still too many girls around to keep my thoughts straight.


  1. haha LOVE your commentary! couldn't agree more..catherine is a hidden gem, and lesley is the best one by far. i hope she wins, but if not you're right! perfect bachelorette material.
    darling blog, now following!
    xo chaseandem.blogspot.com

  2. so I just stalked your blog for a good hour. You are adorable, and HILARIOUS! I couldn't agree more with all your thoughts on the girls. Love the bachelor!

  3. I couldn't agree more.. I love Catherine too, cracks me up! Keep the updates rollin' love your insight:)

  4. Agreed. I think Catherine's got real potential. Thoughts on this week's?


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