one year.


I was told that the first year of marriage is the hardest. If that is the case, bring on eternity.

Months ago when you lovely people asked questions, I filed them all away into a spreadsheet for a rainy day. In honor of our first year, I'm going to answer your martial questions.

What is the best part of marriage?
I want to make a sex joke, but I won't. This is a tricky, tricky question. There are a lot of great things about our relationship but narrowing it down to the very best aspect is hard. I value the support McKay gives me and the support I can offer him. It's thrilling, terrifying & empowering to feel like you can take over the world with another person- or at least be successful grocery shopping.

What is the worst part of marriage?
By choosing anything for this question will leave an opportunity to poke criticism holes into my marriage. So be it. The blogging world is a candy-coated world; full of vacuumed living rooms & love notes from the perfectly groomed husband. Mine included. No one wants to blog about the zit they found this morning, or those dishes that won't wash themselves. Who blogs about the fight they had last night with their husband over something mediocre? Heaven forbid, as blog sisters (& misters, I suppose,) we be honest with each other. (Well, that was an intro to the question.) The worst part about marriage is that you can't get out. That's blunt, but it's true. It's also one of the best parts. Sometimes I feel like people get a misconceived understanding that marriage is suddenly like the super hero of relationships. Everyone understands when you & your best friend fight it out. You say you hate her, she calls you a dirty whore, but in the end you hug it out. People get it. Fighting with your spouse is sort of taboo. It shouldn't be. I believe a healthy dose of fighting opens opportunity for growth between the couple. When your lady hormones rage out of control during a heated argument & you think to yourself, "what have I gotten myself into?" It's fine. Once you come back down for your estrogen cloud, you'll remember why you said I do.

What is your favorite thing about McKay? 
He counteracts my pessimistic side. I've spent a lot of time perfecting the art of being angry. He is the only person that can trump my rage & make me smile when I'm feeling crotchety.  I suppose you could say, he is my other half. Put me on a hallmark card.

More details on your first kiss with McKay.
I told him to keep his lips to himself. He didn't listen and I never looked back.

Did you expect the proposal? 
I did but I cried anyway. *proposal vlog here.

Do others ever judge your for marrying so young? How do you deal with haters?
Engaged at 18 & married by 19, people felt the need to offer their opinions. At the time, I didn't care because the rush of being engaged sent me to a high that overruled others thoughts. Now, no one cares. I mean, what are they going to do anyway? Have faith in your choice. Like President Monson said choose your love, love your choice.

I am so happy I chose McKay but I'm even more grateful he chose me. We'll make some cute littles someday.


  1. Love this whole post! Happy 1 year!! :-)

  2. I don't see the big deal of getting married at that age, I mean if you're graduated from high school & feel that you are ready...then do what you want to do!
    When my Grandma got married she was 16 & was still in high was normal!
    People may say you're not ready, however, I know many people over the age for 40 who STILL can't keep a relationship/marriage.

  3. Happy first year of marriage! The first was the hardest....but, guess what??! It gets so much easier!!!

  4. you are wonderful. you just really are.

  5. Congratulations! I just found your blog and I love it. Your hilarious, just thought you should know.

  6. Happy one year, dear :)
    I enjoyed this post a lot. I wish we were all more real with each other in the blogging world. But you're right, who wants to read about my zits??

    1. This whole thing is filled with glory. Happy first year of marriage! .... and we still need to craft.

  7. Thank-you for sharing this! Congrats one one year! I'm someday using your first quote:) love it!

  8. Oh my goodness! I just watched your purposal video. You guys are very cute! Congrats!

  9. I just found your blog! Love it!
    Follow me back too?
    I have this series on my blog that you might be interested in. It's called "I Am a Mormon Monday" Check it out on my blog! Would love to have you!!

    Email me if you are interested!

  10. you are such an eloquent writer.
    this was very well done and I'm very happy for you two.

  11. Oh my gosh I LOVE your dress! And I totally dig your "worst" part of a marriage blurb. Estrogen cloud. ha!

  12. THANK YOU for commenting on my blog, because I just laughed my way through this post! congratulations on your first year, and here's to many more :)

  13. Favorite post of 2013 right here (: Congrats on your year mark. Carry on (:

  14. this is soooo sweet! congrats one number one. i pray you're blessed with many more happy years. :)



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