& she called her book "private practice."


I debated whether to start Private Practice after finishing Grey's because when I took a poll about half told me to avoid it because it's like a soap opera. Let's be real. Who doesn't love another sex scandal of a show?

& as of Tuesday evening, Private Practice is over. Even though it doesn't have the medical stress like Grey's has, the character development is phenomenal.

Disclaimer, spoilers start now. So see you later if you haven't finished the last season.

Charlotte & Cooper : From the beginning I felt weird about both of these characters. Charlotte was a B on wheels & as a Prison Break recovering addict, Cooper was still Kellerman. I was having a hard time adjusting from a government bad A to a sweet pediatrician.  Throughout the seasons, they slowly became my very favorite. I want Charlotte as a best friend & Cooper as a brother. The ending story with Mason & the three babies just melted my heart. I thought Shonda, the creator, was going to kill one of the triplets. Thanks girlfriend for not killing another character.

Sam & Naomi : I KNEW it. I knew that they would end up together, again. The whole addison & sam thing made me feel super weird. I also felt weird about the naomi & fife love story. So, all is right in the world. Even though, their grand baby will be older than their new baby which is strange & awesome.

Violet : Of course the therapist has her baby cut & stolen from her body. That's not enough. Kill her husband, Shonda, go for it. I really quite the ending for violet. She is content. Nothing fancy.

Sheldon : He reminds me of a turtle. He ran off into the sunset with his dying lover. I was okay with this ending too.

Amelia & that doctor guy : No comment. Didn't love her story. I wasn't emotionally swayed either way.

Addison & Jake : & happily ever after.

I'm glad that no one died in the last episode. I feel closure with Private Practice.

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  1. I was the same with with the Cooper/Kellerman situation. Loved "Coop" in PP, hated Kellerman in PB.

    Gosh, the drama these days!!



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