"tierra-ble." the bachelor : week four


Sean in his unds. Welcome to week four, ladies.

This is totally inappropriate but Selma has great boobs. You noticed too. Lezbehonest.

 Ah, crap. I like Selma. She is sassy.

Trailer park date! You did it again, ABC, you did it again.

Selan (Sean & Selma's celeb name, obviously) would make hot babies.

Tierra looks ripping pissed 98% of the time. Girlfriend, you should smile.

I think if I was ever on the bachelor, I would be the girl who dies on one of the dates. Really though. When applying to be on the show do you have to specify how athletic you are? Sorry sean, there is no way on this good green earth that I am participating in the roller derby.

Amanda, you are annoying on the highest of levels. Go home.

Sean's handwriting is particularly feminine- or maybe because the producer writes the date cards. I have to remind myself that this is not real life.

Drama Queen award goes to Tierra. You deserve a crown. (Punny.) Ball kick to Sean for giving her the rose.

Leslie is a little bit like a cartoon character for some reason. Maybe because it was because she used the phrase "holy toledo batman." 

Woah, did anyone notice Sean's peach fuzz while Leslie was trying on dresses? He has ginger in his genes.

Leslie, you're a cool cat. Thank you for not crying like a crazy person in the limo.

Producer, "Hey Sean, go stand with this rose, look sad, then drop it dramatically."

Robyn's chiffon number is real nice. She is funny & I like her quite a bit. I don't think she will be around for much longer which is sad.

"Me, me, me, me ,me." said Tierra. " "Shut up." said world.

"Tierra-ble." Catherine is a winner. Seriously.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! (I threw a tiny party in my living room.) See you later, Amanda. (I liked your dress, but that is besides the point.)

A two day bachelor event? Okay, Chris Harrison. I am A-Okay with that. 

What did you ladies think?


  1. I still haven't seen it but I CAN'T HELP MYSELF from reading everyone's recap posts. It's my favorite part, knowing little bits before I actually watch it. I'm a Bachelor-cheater

  2. I HATED Amanda. He couldn't get rid of her sooner. Or Leslie. & I feel like I'm over him kissing every single girl.

  3. Selma's smokin'. I want her to win so they can create the best genetic babies in the world. (Besides the whole red-head thing, image a red head iraqi..)

  4. These posts are my favorite. Just thought I'd let you know!

  5. I feel like you would enjoy this blog.


    he's my buddy from California and he is hilarious! He also really likes the bachelor.
    So here is the bachelor... from a male's perspective.


  6. I feel like you would enjoy this blog...


    He is my friend from California and he is hilarious!!
    So three cheers to The Bachelor, from a man's point of view.

  7. haha, i'm pretty sure every single one of these thoughts ran through my head.

    ESPECIALLY the 2 day bachelor event. THAAANK YOOUUU chris harrison. you should be the next bachelor, friend. that'd be sort of ironic. & i'll come host.

  8. Catherine has talked like 3 times total, but I LOVE her. She will win. Calling it right now.

  9. Every comment you just posted I said outloud while watching this episode! I agree with it all!

  10. Amanda's dress was adorbs. I want to punch my screen every time Tierra comes on. I LOATHE her. Daniella and Catherine are a hoot. Robyn won't last long. Leslie was the woman of strange phrases. "Holy toledo!" "Holy moley!" every five seconds. Also, I can't stand Lindsay. The way she talks...."Like ohh my gaisshhhh" KILL ME. 2 episodes next week will be excellent.

  11. haha k you are my favorite. LOVE the cleverness sprinkled in here! hilarious and i of course agree with all that you said! xoxo

  12. they're coming to montana!!!!!!!!! so excited. also- catherine is my favorite.

  13. HAHA the Amanda's jaw issue. Hilarious. Roller derby was the stupidest idea. And whoever made Sean invite Sarah was straight up stupid. I thought she handled it well. What do you think of Ashlee? (sp?) I can't decide. The opening shot of Sean in his unders was so weird it was funny. I like Selma but think her and Sean would be unhappy. Can't wait for the 2-day special...like was anyone else wondering what the heck Tierra was running from??? So pumped.


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