she // has cold feet & steals his wool socks often. 
he // is a movie critic but she usually falls asleep.
they // are excited to make a tiny person.
she // loves to play card games & can shuffle like a mad woman.
he // is an artist. 
she // prefers cupcakes for dinner because they require sprinkles & food coloring.
he // is mistaken for wentworth miller often.
they // hope to live in the UK someday.
she // broke up with him but it only lasted 6 hours.
he // has a special love for Indian food & buffalo wings.
they // still make out for fun.
she // wears a lot of chiffon because comfort trumps style.
he // has lived in california, wisconsin, ireland, scotland & utah.
they // take naps together every tuesday afternoon on the spooning couch.


  1. spooning couch? YES. Every couple needs a spooning couch.
    Love you two :)

  2. aw i love being married. it brings out the best and worst in the both of us :) hahaha

    The DayLee Journal

  3. yep, this is adorable. cutest couple ever!

  4. well i just have to say it, this post is to die for!

  5. i can't shuffle cards for the life of me :( but thank goodness my husband doesn't mind.

  6. Best photo strip of all time! You two are crazy cute! Love the he's/she/they idea. I might have to steal it sometime...! How do you nap every Tuesday? So jealous!

  7. Such a cute photo strip and little insight into y'all! :) :)
    Also i went to respond to your comment via email and realized you're a no-reply commenter (aka people can't respond to your comments via email)
    Go here, and she explains everything. Let me know when it works by commenting on mine and then I will email ya back and voila!!

  8. MMmmmmmm indian food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    so delicious.
    you two truly are a beautiful couple!

  9. you// are the cutest couple ever and I LOVE this post!! :)

  10. you two are the most attractive couple ever.


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