what i'm good for.


happens as of late:

we started school like adults.
(even though I want to gouge my eyes out.)
school side note: Hey classmate, 
carrots are great, 
but next time you eat them during a lecture, 
I won't be the only one with gouged out eyes.

We're  moooovviinngggg.
My options were either to light my neighbors on fire 
or move.
This is a violent post.
I'm still a nail-painting fiend.
It's fine.

I bought some fancy journals.
pretty journals make me want to write.
i'm all about appearance, apparently.

I spent a day in the ER.
Appendicitis, constipation?
Eh, it's all the same.

Eight dollar candles? What?
I bought four.
Hello cocunuty, fruity, summer scents.
(My christmas tree is still up & it smells like apples. )

McKay is still hot, hot, hot
& I love, love, love him.


  1. You are just good at life and I enjoy following your blog. Even though we're in different stages of life, I love following your blog + insta. I swear I'm not creepy, I actually feel like we'd be good friends. Keep blogging!

    insta: @abbeyhafen
    blog: abbeyhafen.blogspot.com

  2. What great pictures! Love that lip stick color on you- beautiful! Sorry to hear about you going to the ER. no fun. I have to head over to b&bw! Hopefully they are still on sale!
    ps. crazy cute boots! where.. how... where?!:)

  3. Those boots!! Where did you get them?

  4. keep going with the nail art, wish i could be that talented and could wear nail polish to work!

  5. i'm a journal addict myself and am obsessed with the 365 one. this is year two on it for me and it's hilarious to see what i wrote last year. you'll love it. happy thursday, friend!


  6. Replies
    1. Hot Pink from NYX's black label line.

  7. Meg, where is that bag from????
    i need it.
    like asap

    k thanks bye


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