this dapper man turned 23 today & we're celebrating all week long.

you might not know these 23 things about McKay,
1 : He has lived in scotland, ireland, california, wisconsin & utah.
2 : He played baseball in high school (& probably looked good doing it.)
3 : He is abnormally organized.
4 : Indian food is his favorite- along with buffalo flavored anything.
5 : He wrangles animals, like so,
6 : He was awarded the visual arts sterling scholar his senior year.
7 : Snuggler.
8 : He will always be a San Francisco Giants fan.
9 : He's got great genetics for baby making.
10 : Guns, knives & all things manly are his favorite.
11 : Instead of buying paintings, he does it himself.
12 : He played the trumpet at one point in his life.
13 : Sings a lot of Simon & Garfunkel.
14 : I'm pretty sure he has a photographic memory.
15 : Diseased with being colorblind.
16 : He is often mistaken for Wentworth Miller.
17 : Kids love him.
18 : He is really good kisser.
19 : He is fluent in sarcasm.
20 : His ideal job is anything laced with adrenaline, like a race car driver.
21 : He always puts the cap back on the toothpaste.
22 : He wears skinny ties. Swoon.
23 : He is the best husband, really. 

happy birthday to my lover.


  1. aw happy birthday! this is the sweetest post! & that painting is amazing! i love it!



  2. Mmmm Indian food.. so good!
    happy birthday McKay!!

  3. Happy birthday to your hubby! SO talented!



  4. color blind and a great artist? talent!!
    i've always loved those baseball boys... they are some of the finest specimen i have ever seen. kudos to you for snaggin one! haha


  5. happy birthday to your hubby.
    and i like this list, its so fun.


  6. i love how much you two love each other.
    it's so sweet and genuine. it's what i want when i find "the one".
    happy birthday to your lover.
    don't have too much fun.
    if you catch my drift?

  7. happy birthday to you and your wonderful hubby!! i have grown to love and appreciate you both and the relationship you share.

    ps, how come i had to find out you were coming up to byui through blog stalking someone else!!!? haha

  8. HOW is he such a talented painter AND colorblind!!!?? but really?


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