battle of the colorstay products.


The beauty industry normally classifies skin types within the following categories: dry, normal, combination & oily. I'd like to institute another: super, grease factory, oily.

I have had a rough time finding foundations to match my skin type & that won't melt off onto my shirt by the end of the day. My skin is quite sensitive & acne prone, plus oily. I'm a mess.

During the summer I was wearing Makeup Forever HD foundation from Sephora which was a light to medium coverage but by the end of the day it was no where to be found. I liked it. Well, I convinced myself to like it because I paid such a pretty penny.

I finally came to terms that just because high end foundations are- well, high end doesn't necessary mean it will get along with your skin type.

I did some research & most of the youtube beauty community raved about Revlon ColorStay's liquid foundation so I gave in. $11 is better than $45 anyway. Since then, I have been converted to Revlon's liquid foundations.

I am, by no means, a person that can give professional advice on makeup. I'm just a newlywed, student who doesn't want to look like a complete disaster.

Perks of Revlon ColorStay, the classic formula:
-It come tailored to your skin type. (Dry/Normal or Combo/Oily.)
-Full coverage. This could be a con for some, but I like heavy coverage.
-Feels light on the skin. It doesn't feel cakey which is a plus.
-The color selection is wider than most drugstore foundation collections.
-Doubles as a concealer.
-The staying power is phenomenal. I don't get blotchy like some liquid foundations do.
-I don't have to blot my face throughout the day because it contains my oily issues.
(Also, I do set it with a setting powder because I prefer to be matte than dewy.)
The Cons:
-There isn't a pump & you lose a lot of product because of it.
-You have a choice between full or full coverage.

Perks of Revlon ColorStay Whipped:
-It's a lighter coverage than the classic foundation, but buildable.
-It feels so light & silky on the skin.
-The staying power is great. (Probably not as strong as the original.)
-It's a natural finish.
-The pot is comes in is easier to deal with than the bottle.
The Cons:
-The color selection isn't as wide & you can't choose your skin type.
-If you don't set it with a powder, you will have a dewy finish.

If I had to choose between the two, I would choose the classic formula because it is a fuller coverage but if I had to guess, this summer I will probably switch to the whipped formula because it's lighter coverage & is durable throughout the day.

What is your holy grail foundation?


  1. Thanks for sharing. I was actually going to try the Nearly Naked go get some today. But, maybe ill grab on of these instead. I think I still wanna try Nearly Naked though. Emma Stone makes it so appealing. hahaha!


  2. i've always used maybelline matte powder, but recently switched to cover girl powder. i've never ever used liquid before? would you recommend it over a powder? i don't have oily skin, but just in your professional beauty opinion...

    1. I use to wear just powder too but the older I got, I wanted a little more coverage. I personally prefer liquid because sometimes powder looks,well, powdery on the face. If you are wanting a light coverage, just to try liquid & you have dry to normal skin, I would recommend Nearly Naked from Revlon. It's a lot like the Urban Decay Naked but a fraction of the price. If you still like a matte finish, just set the liquid foundation with your maybelline or cover girl powder.

  3. Ooh lovely

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  5. I never wear liquid cause I have a grease ball explosion for a face but since it sounds like you understand that... I may just check this out!!


  6. I've stuck to the good ole bare minerals for years now. they never disappoint. they are a little pricey with their 26 per container, which add up. but if you sign up for their fab card you quickly start earning points and get some perks that way. they have the original foundation and matte. always go with matte. their new brush feels like heaven on my face. not to mention they have lots of other great products and they ladies at the mall are more than happy to dress your face up in sparklies. stick to your gut and don't let them upsell you though. just because something looks good in their lighting, doesn't mean it will look good outside. educate yourself on your favorite shades and brands. when it comes to my foundation i think of it more of a bill to pay. it's necessary.

    1. I've been using Bare Minerals for about 8 months now and I like it a lot, even though it was expensive. When summer comes and I want something a little lighter, I use Mary Kay's tinted moisturizer, which is about $12. Previously, I used the Mary Kay TimeWise Foundation (about $10) paired with Bare Minerals, for fuller coverage and it helped me "diguise" my acne. A few months ago I started taking Doxycylene Hyclate once a day and now my skin is clear, so when I do wear foundation, I usually just use a quick layer of the Bare Minerals.

      I live right on the coast and it's pretty humid here. When I travel, my face dries out really bad and the mineral foundation doesnt help, so it's nice to trade out into the liquid.

      I am really interested in trying BB cream sometime, especially with summer on the way.

  7. I've used Revlon ColorStay my whole life! Never found anything else I like better.

  8. this is slowly but surely becoming a beauty blog.
    not saying i don't like it though :)

  9. I'm loving one called o2 by benefit- it lets your skin breathe but gives great coverage. how do you apply your foundation? I'm a huge believer in a good foundation brush. I got mine about 8 years ago (paid 50 dollars) and it's still great. it helps with the waste, makes your product stretch farther!

  10. I love the revlon color stay. It's my favorite.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing this. I've been wanting to try a new foundation w/a bit more coverage.

  12. my favorite is clinique acne solutions. revlon's color stay was good but just super thick. clinique's goes on much thinner and less cakey and stays super matte. i'm in makeup love with it. (: downside, it's like $27 instead of $11. so worth it though.

  13. I LOVE the Maybelline Fit Me Collection. It stays really well. It's actually the foundation that I wore on my wedding day, it was matte, and it stayed ALL NIGHT LONG. Through all the pictures and dancing.


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