february five : boyfriend, how much do you charge?


I have always been a walmart girl because the nearest target when I was living at home was well past my reach. Then I moved & target became my neighbor- then my late night boyfriend. So here we are. I'm a target girl.

one : cute patterns on everything. Folders, pillows, mugs, tampons, everything.

two : wearable, fitted clothes. Walmart is notorious to put weird saying like, "i love H8RS!" on their clothing however target realizes that most of the world isn't 13 year olds. Thank you for the floral pants & so much chiffon.

three : they stock loads of cosmetics. Good thing I don't like cosmetics, at all.

four : the employees aren't as questionable as walmart. this is terrible but i think that target holds their cashier's to a different standard. (you noticed too.)

five : In house starbucks. Thank you, sweet local target. I can sip on my double chocolaty chip frappe while stocking up on stuff I don't need that is covered in coral trellis.


  1. yess target really is the very best.

  2. Target is my fave and I love the remodel. It feels even fancier! And it makes it even harder to go to WalMart than it was before. I've seen you & McKay there a few times, but haven't said anything! One day I will.

  3. Target is my weakness. I spend way too much time there.

  4. I'm a target addict! If I go in there, I know I'm leaving with something. It's impossible not to.

  5. I have finally found someone that loves Target as much as I do :)


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