february five : good reads


(for the month of february, being the month of love, i am going to be doing snippets of things i adore from all bits of my life.)

I don't read books very often, even though I would really like to, but I do read a massive amount of blogs. All sorts of blogs- cooking, mommy, single, newlywed, anonymous. I also like to keep my blog somewhat credible & honest to my own opinion, which is the reason I don't offer sponsorship or do guest posting. I don't ever want to make others feel like they have to read my blog & I assume that if you are reading my blog- you are here for my words, not others. Doesn't that sound like vanity? I do see the upside to the marketing jive that is happening everywhere (& I would like to think that it's not for more followers) but for the healthy spread of other really lovely blogs.

with that said & not a bit of marketing intention, these are my very favorite blogs:

one : eat my scabs. I will give a disclaimer, if you are a young reader, this probably isn't a blog for you. Most of you know that I am an aspiring sex therapist. Not because I have had an traumatic experience but only because I know that sex weighs so heavily on a person's emotions. Eat My Scabs is an anonymous person who calls herself April. She writes her experience of being married to a sex addict & the infidelity that comes along with it. It is so raw with emotion. I haven't ever read a blog from the beginning to end until her's. She is a phenomenal human & her story is inspiring.

two : all the belles & whistles. Claire is an artist married to a boy with great facial hair. She is the right amount of cute & honest. Her blog will always be a breath of fresh air.

three : thriller with a "sch." Oh, how I wish she posted more often but every time this girl posts I laugh for days. I have been following her love story with "Neck" since the beginning. Another blooming love story with appropriate comic relief.

four : he and i. The likelihood of you already being attached to Lex & her family is rather high because she is too great not to blog stalk. She is just a lovely person, inside & out. Reading her blogs motivates me to be kinder.

five : word vomit. we're twins but she is funnier, so enjoy.


  1. You are too sweet. Next time you run by my house come stop by!

  2. hanks so much for the suggestions! I found some great reads today :)

  3. I always like seeing what blogs other bloggers like to read :) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Meg, thanks for the recent blog comment :) Love book suggestions.

  5. As a new blogger in the blog world, it's always great to find amazing reads. Thanks for sharing, Meg.

    PS. You and your husband are beautiful, and I love the simplicity of your blog.


  6. But really, Thriller with a "Sch" is so dang funny. I read and re-read her posts over and over. I would love her to post more.

  7. Well hello to Meg from Thriller with a Sch! :) I logged on to blog tonight and found this nice surprise. I am incredibly flattered to get the shout out - thank you!

  8. You called me a phenomenal human! That really is the kindest compliment. And now I want to tell you something. What you have done here caused an influx of emails to my inbox--women with all kinds of stories. Many of them reaching out for the first time. I hope you know how helpful you've been.

    Thanks Meg!


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