february five : places


one : gilroy, california.  McKay's hometown.
(Also, it smells like garlic & i have a serious love for garlic.)
two : the cafe rio in  orem, utah. I swear their sweet pork is better.
three : downtown salt lake city, utah.
I would like to say  new york or chicago
 but I have a special love for salt lake.
four : my bed. it's warm & i don't like people.
five : the beach, any beach. Actually, any place that is warm.


  1. i agree with you about cafe rio. it is seriously the best location.

  2. Gilroy is on the road between my parents' house and our place, it's one of my favorite places to pit-stop JUST because of the way it smells. And OHMYGOSH the Olive Pit? Second-best garlic-stuffed olives in the ENTIRE WORLD (first place in my book goes to the Avila Valley Barn near Pismo Beach. Anywhoo).

  3. my bed, i agree. and i dont like people either.
    and the beach. seriously.


  4. I laughed out loud on number four because seriously, it's so true. I would pick my bed over dealing with people any day. It's so much simpler hiding under the covers.


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