february five (& then some): blame them.


It's no secret that I have recently found a new hobby in cosmetics & I think it started when I started watching beauty vloggers. If you are suffering with the same addiction, let's trade. Here are my favorites.

one : zoella 
two : shaaanxo
three : laurenbeautyy
four : beautycrush
five : jarmaine 
six : missjenfabulous
seven : nicole guerriero
eight : eleventh gorgeous
nine : leigh ann says
ten : miss glamorazzi
eleven : beauty broadcast
twelve : saturdaynightsalrite
thirteen : tanya burr
fourteen : fleurdeforce
fifteen : heyclaire
sixteen : dulcecandy87
seventeen : kandee johnson

okay, i have a problem. moving on.


  1. maybe i can learning something about makeup, thanks!


  2. my list to a t, minus jenfabulous and + nikkiphilippi.

  3. Can I throw Ingrid's friend Amarixe and Zoella's friend SprinkleofGlitter to the mix, and then promise to stop blog creeping you?

  4. Oh girl. Zoe is my favorite. Love love love her. You have good taste.


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