the bachelor : week seven



Every season some girl has a tiny dog that she treats like a child. It's terrible.

I'm not onboard with AshLee. Sweet enough but let's talk about emotional baggage.

Sean's blond eyebrows freak me out.

Let's stroll through a meadow filled with baby's breath & dragonflies. That's normal.

Awe, AshLee's parents are so sweet.

A quaint backyard dinner with the new boyfriend & his camera crew.

Oh, good. Here comes a bad analogy about the polar bear plunge.

AshLee's dad is such a good guy. He wins.

Catherine is such a babe.

Fish throwing. Sick.

Alright, Sean, we get it. You're athletic with your beefy arms.

Sean & Catherine are so couple-y.

While they were in the photo booth, some creepy cameraman was poking in underneath the curtain. Insert a creepy "hellllooo."

"Or graham cracker, but she doesn't like that one." HA.

I like that Catherine's house is normal but if I was going to be on national TV, I'd put the dishes away. Maybe.

Even though Catherine's family is a bit skeptical, I think think she is the best fit for Sean. She isn't spastic like Linsday or is filled with rainbows & unicorns like Des & AshLee.

Linds, you look good.

I wonder if the locals get peeved that the whole city shuts down for the bachelor. What if some emotionally broken girl needs a cupcake & it's closed for sean. I would be livid. Screw you, ABC.

"Army ready" gives me embarrassment chills. What producer said that was a good idea?

So many push ups in this episode. I feel exhausted.

I'm bored. Come back, Tierra.

Maybe I should be a bridal stylist because Des must be making bank by the looks of her house- oh & the pool.

Ah, clever, Des. Sean wet himself when fake boyfriend actor showed up.

The brother is a complete dill-hole. Maybe you should find your manners before you open your mouth on national television.

Catherine's dress is saucy.

See you, Des. You're nice. Too sweet for my liking.

Sean, don't apologize. That doesn't help.

Double feature this week. Yes, please.

My money is on Catherine. Biased.


  1. My money's on Catherine, too! Gut feeling, but I tend to trust those. Plus these things are a teensy bit predictable now (or maybe that's because I've seen an embarrassingly large number of seasons...!)

  2. I was surprised he let Dez go and not crazy emotional baggage girl. She is WAY too intense about everything. It's frightening.

  3. Meg, i have to tell you, me, and about 10 of my friends have been religiously following your bachelor posts and we LOVE them!! thank you for bring more bachelor love into this world. but i have to admit...i don't think he'll pick catherine...she's too great! cannot wait to see what happens next week! oh the overnights...


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