more things i love.


+ The World Market. It's the prettiest place in the whole world (& we left with a bag full of European goodies.)
+Essiebutton. She's real cool & I have a beauty guru obsession. aannnnddd i have no self control.
+On that note, Albatross by Nars.
+Our dishwasher. I make dishes to put in the dishwasher because it's such a long time since we've had one. #firstworldproblems
+Hashtags. They are so stupid but so fun.
+The almost warm weather.
+Making lists. Lots & lots of lists.
+Smith's sells individual daisies.
+Our new blue couch.
+the kate nash station on pandora.
+fizzbanger from lush.
+lunch dates with new friends.
+vegas in 2 weeks.
+ sore muscles.


  1. if i were to make a list (which i definitely might do because i love lists too) i think that your lists would be on my list.

    in fact, i think i shall add "make a love list" to my list of things to do.

  2. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas. Can't wait.

  3. that kate nash. her station is so good and her obsession with dresses and bangs is even better.

  4. Ah such a lovely photo and blog! :)

  5. what are you going to vegas for? thats where im from. bring sandals. i was just home this weekend and i wore sandals and shorts sleeves the whole time. It made coming back to provo so sad

  6. Kate Nash is coming to Utah! Do you like her enough to go??

  7. you sound lovely and simple. i think you and i would get along. can't wait to see more.


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