*photo from our dating days.

yesterday evening, we gathered all of our misfit blankets & piled them into our backyard. my hope for warm weather is only wishful thinking. we snuggled into each other & mckay taught me about the constellations. he has got on well with his astronomy class this semester. i'm grateful that we can enjoy the little things. life is rather lovely.


  1. The little things always make the biggest difference, don't they? And I really like that blonde streak in your hair. You definitely can rock it.

  2. gosh, seriously utah needs to pick up the pace and decide to be spring.
    you guys are cute.


  3. i stalk your blog to the max. stars are my favorite thing. at my bedroom in my parent's house, i have a ceiling FULL of stars. the ones you put up when you're six-years-old. judge away, but they're amazing.

    anyways, you paint your nails as much as i do. essie millionails is my favorite base coat. i haven't noticed any staining ever. but i don't use dark colors like you do, so who knows?

    also, nicole drying drops. $8 bucks at target. i'm a base coat, two coats of color, then a top coat kind of girl. so many layers are so pretty and last a long time, but take infinity to dry. the box says one minute to touchable nails, five minutes to completely dry. i don't trust the one minute and i usually give the five minutes ten, but after that they are invincible.

    1. Ah, I will go pick up that base coat today. Even though I absolutely swear by Seche Vite top coat, I don't particularly like the base coat. Thank you, thank you. You're the very best.

    2. honestly, i'm barely getting into top coats, honestly. i normally do base coat, color, call it good. but between the drying drops and top coat, my manis/pedis are lasting way longer and look amazing! :)

  4. Love the flashback photo (holy hot smokin couple) and love that you guys enjoyed some snuggles under the stars. Tonight, I'm following your lead. :) But instead of finding constellations I'm sure we'll just make up things we see. haha Love that your hubs is taking an astronomy class! That'd be awesome.

    PS - okay, I stopped by your blog ages ago and I'm not sure if I commented...but I LOVE it. And I'm glad I'm here again! :) Definitely following and excited to keep up with ya. :)


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