the bachelor : women tell all & last week


Last week I was unbelievably bored. They banged it out on the fantasy suite date but no one will actually say that. They will say words like "intimacy," "private time," "we'll just talk." oh pa-lease. AshLee left & took her emotional baggage with her. I didn't think twice about it.

& here is the WTA. (Acronyms for the bachelor groupies.) (I should stop watching this show.) (that will never happen.)

"Bachelor fans are the most loyal fans." Only because they fill the show with the same drug Cafe Rio uses in their sweet pork. It's all the same.

Has Sean lost some weight? He is looking trim.

Oh, it's so nice to see all of the ladies again. It's like seeing old friends.

Les M. for bachelorette. I will jump off a cliff if it is Des.

"Tierra's sparkle didn't sparkle that big." Lesley for the win.

Let's guess the sexual orientation of the men sitting in the audience.

Robyn, your hair is looking lovely.

"When I walk into a room, I bring joy." Says the sparkle queen. I have missed you, girlfriend.

The girls are ready to pounce on T. Claws out.

"Are you normally misunderstood?" says Chris. He meant socially dysfunctional.

Selma, you're the greatest. I still love her so much.

"Who cares about my eye brow?" says T. "America does." love, chris harrison.

T's rock is as fake as she is.

Des' brother is still a douche bag.

I like Des, i do, but she is too sweet.

When Sean walked out & Sarah was clapping with her nub, I laughed. I realize I'm a terrible person.

This Sean/AshLee convo is accawkard.

I love when they show between commercials shots. It's so exciting.

Sean says to Des, "Everyone loves you." Oh, except me.

I love the bloopers. I wish the whole season was just mess ups & a lot of accidental swearing. I seriously think that bloopers are what create the relationship. Not all of those weird, staged scenes.

Three hours long? Woah. I've heard some spoilers, so if you haven't, i'm going to keep my mouth shut.


  1. So I think Sara for the next Bachorlette. I would LOVE THAT but, I love Des too! I am watching the last half of the WTA ep now!


  2. This made me laugh out loud during class. It was embarrassing.

  3. I agree. Lesley for bachelorette. Everything that comes out of her mouth is hilarious--even the squeals during the bloopers.

  4. I always laugh when Sara does anything with her nub... it just kills me. Let's make a bad person club. We'll watch awkward bachelor scenes at all of our meetings.

  5. Meg does it again.
    You're my favorite.

    bailey @

  6. hahaha accaward. love it. totally agree, lesley should be the next bachelorette!

  7. Les would be the best bachelorette.
    Unfortunately, a lot of sites have already announced who it is.
    I'm still really excited though, because I love their choice for the bachelorette, I just don't think this particular girl is as witty and fun as Les was.
    But I guess we'll see!

  8. Also it's pretty sad that I think everyone is more excited for the next bachelorette then they are for Sean to pick his girl. Haha. Bummer Sean...

  9. Ha, Tierra and all her crazy phrases. So happy she had the courage to show up! And why don't you like Des :( ha
    xo TJ

  10. i'm bummed i miss this episode...but so glad i got to read this! haha :)


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