we (mostly me) invested in a kitchenaid this week which triggered another binge-pin.

this is my list of to-cook/bake- mostly bake:

strawberry-shortcake cupcakes
lemon crinkle cookies
chicken broccoli quinoa casserole
poppyseed bread
spinach artichoke dip stuffed chicken
strawberry lemon granita

what is your favorite recipe? sweet or savory? Better yet, both.


  1. love the kitchen aid-cute color! i have a yellow one and i love it. my favorite treat is monkey bread--so goood! here's a recipe if you want to try it!
    ALSO my favorite thing to use my kitchen aid for (besides sweets, of course) is to shred chicken! it works like a champ when you're making chicken enchiladas!

  2. Yay! I'd love a kitchenaid :) Happy cooking.


  3. I never thought I'd want or need a Kitchenaid, but we got one for our wedding. Over the last year I've been using it and oh my gosh I would never go back!!! It's great for cookie and cake batters, but it's also awesome for making bread doughs AND mashing potatoes!! If you like mashed potatoes, you must try it. Easiest mashing ever.

  4. the lemon crinkles are amazing. As is the poppyseed bread even though I smashed mine when I made it last.

  5. I have never seen a color like that!! Love it!


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