things i am adoring:

one // Red Iguana. At first glance, I said no. It's a tiny little shack in the ghettos of Salt Lake but the high reviews online swayed me otherwise. They offered free vallet parking which was really lovely & we were told there was a 45 minute wait for 2 on a Friday evening. 15 minutes later the hostess offered to seat us at the bar if that was okay with us. From the get go, the service was pleasant & prompt. I ordered fried tacos because I can do whatever I want on the weekends & oh my, party in my mouth. For a plate with 2 large tacos, rice & beans i paid $10 & it was worth every dollar. The service was awesome- we always had a full glass of water & they weren't stingy on refining our chips & salsa like most restaurants. I will definitely make the 40 minute drive for some mexican food. 

two // plain greek yogurt + crystal light.  Plain greek yogurt is nasty, nasty, nasty & tastes like sour cream but if you add a packet of crystal light it tastes like sugary-kid yogurt. (a big thanks to lexi for sharing her secret.)

three // ocean potion moisturizing aloe lotion. it smells like fruit pebbles & will fix peeling, sunburned skin.

four // revlon just bitten kissable balm stains. i like lipstick but i also like making out with my husband. Unfortunately, they don't mix well. I get a lot of cheek & forehead kisses when I decide to wear lipsticks until i found these gems. They are a tinted balm stain with serious staying power. You can eat, drink, kiss or whatever else & it will stay on your lips. Go ahead, kiss your man, & he won't come out on the other end with red lips. Husband approved. (pink: lovesick. red: romantic.)

what are you loving lately?


  1. love love love the lip color! and totally didn't know about greek yogurt + crystal light, i'll have to try it! thanks for sharing!

  2. hmmm i'm loving:
    the spring weather
    wearing cropped pants
    braiding always
    photo editing


  3. Those Revlon stains were a life saver when I was in nursery. Children like to touch and smear colored lips.

  4. love everything about this post! I'm loving: sonic ice (I blame pregnancy) my bare minerals face wash and moisturizer , cantaloupe, and white cake doughnuts
    with white frosting from daylight doughnuts.

  5. your lips are the most perfect little things on planet earth.

    & i sound like a total creep saying that. but lezbehonest, i don't mean to be a creep. i'm just stating facts from woman friend to woman friend.
    & i'm also quite positive mckay would agree with me.

    that's all.


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