remember how mckay & i bought a cacti-medley on valentine's day & deemed it our love fern because they don't die? I killed it. i think i might be the first person who has managed to kill a cactus. whate'er.

also, i should clean that window sill. the things a photo can reveal.

sometimes it's a disaster to be a woman. you've got to double up on sport bras so your tots don't hit you in the face while working out & monthly on cue, you bleed like an animal. we're like a circus act. however, sometimes being a lady is endearing. After class a girl that I only know because she sits a few people away from me quietly asked me if I had midol & a spare lady plug. I didn't know her but I definitely know how terrible it is to be in the battle field without weapons. When we are in need of midol, we are all on the same team.

it's nice to have a place that feels like home. we even bought a fire pit for our backyard for s'more parties.

the semester is over in three weeks. my new swim suit is coming in the mail. i'm ready for pool days & naps in sun.


  1. summer is great, the less clothes the better.

    xo. m.

  2. lady plug...in the battle field without weapons...

    please just be the little voice in my head that gives me clever comebacks when i need them on command.

  3. hahaha! my MIL gave me 5 plants when they moved to another country a couple of months ago. I now only have 3 left and one of them is half brown... I have no idea how to keep a plant alive! I thought water and a little love would do it, but apparently not :-/

  4. hahahaha! :D

    yay! for being almost done with this semester. you can do it. :)



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