good things come in pairs.


Mother's Day is particularly special for families with missionaries. 2 calls a year isn't a lot but I am sure grateful for those times. Elder Kirby is serving in Columbia & Elder Livingston is in Canada. They will both be home in less than a year. (Ladddiiiess, they're single.) 
sometimes lexi & i go to the pet store because we aren't allowed to have pets. It's like fuzzy, adorable torture.
thank goodness for twins! (i'm not cooking them but my sister in law is. Hooray!) 
high five to high quality photos but we are really excited about having friends. (hashtag antisocial.)


  1. #marriedfriends seriously hard to come by

  2. ^ sooooo true. especially once they all have babies and you have none.

  3. Where in Colombia is he serving? My brother is serving in the Cali Colombia mission!

  4. What mission in Canada? I live in Canada. : )


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