life updates.


+him: mckay is working at a treatment center for troubled boys & really loves it. when we have babies & they turn into hellish teens, mckay will be ready.
+her: i'm going on two years as being a part of a team of receptionists. we've had a lot of ups & downs in our department which is only expected being a group of only ladies but we're like a little family. i really adore the girls i work with.

+him: mckay is deciding between a bunch of different career paths- therapy, aviation, art. we're just going with it.
+her: though i still have a soap box about sex education, i have realized that it's exhausting dealing with others issues. so, hello square one. culinary school? maybe. i'm considering just getting a bachelor's in business. who knows. Good thing we're young so we have some time to kill.

+us: we are lucky that Bri, his sister, will be having twins this fall so we can snuggle them oft. I commend & admire everyone around us having babies but it's just not in our priority list right now. we want to finish school, travel a bit & enjoy being with each other. No babies for us, for now.

+us: i wish our travel list was 10 pages long but who knew that traveling is sort of expensive? In june, we will be going to Trek, a youth church camp, as leaders which is quite weird because I feel like i'm the same age as the kids but it will be great. I just ordered a cart full of plaid from Old Navy. Besides weekend getaways, the only other trip we have planned thus far is to the humid state of Wisconsin. We're going to go visit my grandma & enjoy some fine cheese.

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