may 1 : life briefing.


i'm doing this thing. maybe i'll start dating my blog again, instead of treating it like a booty call.

in utah, i was born in the 1990's. raised with big bangs, a party-planning mom & a sweet dad.

six years later, my parents did it again & made my brother. we don't look anything alike but i love him just the same.

three years later, i was 9. my parents split.

mom didn't adjust well after the divorce. i remember a lot of alcohol, suicide attempts, & sadness.

she went to wisconsin to live with her mom. she wanted heal to become a better person and mother.

i was happy living with my dad & brother but dad started dating & that was weird.

when i was 11, dad got remarried in april. his wife & i don't get along.

on the other side of the country, mom was sober, rediscovered God, & she sounded happy.

in july of that year, she died in a car accident. she was suppose to come home in 2 weeks.

i was mad, then sad, then livid, then ungrateful, then i decided to go to church & i felt better. i felt happy.

high school was awkward but i had good friends.

my senior year, i had a pen pal named mckay. he was living in scotland at the time. his letters made me laugh & i loved him from the very start.

i married him in 2012.

we work, go to school, & kiss a lot.

life is pretty awesome.


  1. you are amazing meg!
    it was good to see you, meet up soon!?

  2. this is crazy.
    you are such a strong lady.
    thanks for sharing this.


  3. You're amazing. I love this idea. I think I might just try it.

    Thank you for your honest feelings. I really admire you.

  4. you inspired me to do this same challenge. i feel like i havent been great at blogging lately so this is just what i needed

  5. Megan, Your mother loved you! Don't ever forget that. You and your brother were the lights in her life. She wasn't prefect, and she fought some hard demons; always, always though, she loved you. I miss her too.

  6. love this. love you. totally just did my own.

  7. I love visiting your blog girl! Glad you're doing well :)


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