the bachelorette : week 1 [it's a circus full of weird, desparte men.]


Oh, look. We have only been watching for 5 minutes & she is already crying. Yay.

Fast forward to the limos because I'm already bored.

Brooks, utah guy. You've got weird hair but I guess that is what we should expect.

Hey, hashtag man, I have a few for you. #youmakemesonervous #notgettingarosetonight #orever

OHHHH, a black guy named Will Smith. That is ideal.

Fantasy suite gent- you're a piece of work. Keep it in your pants, home boy.

We are only midway through the men & all of them give me the creeps. Great.

Abs, that was bold.

"Loyalty is love." Look- he is a walking, talking Nicholas Sparks book.

Larry the old guy! Thanks for doing her a favor for ripping that terrible dress.

Magician & a seamstress. That might be the best career duo I've ever heard of.

Oh no. Guy in armor. That was a bad move.

McDreamy & McSteamy reference from the dentist. You've got to be a bit metro.

Juan Pablo. I hope he wins the whole thing.

"I do the suit thing everyday back home so I thought I would do something different." So naturally you would choose velvet. That makes sense.

Micah, designing his own outfit, I like you. You're quirky.

This wouldn't be the bachelorette without a terrible poem.

Dan, you're normal. Thank you for being a regular person.

Tiny person in a tiny suit. AH, your dad is adorable too. Ben for the win, ben for the win, ben for the win. (It's too good be true. It has to be. ABC ruins everything good.

Though Des is drab, there are enough weirdos to go around.


  1. I've never seen the bachelor or bachelorette before until Monday. I loved it though I'm glad I finally jumped on the bandwagon. I feel like the bachelorette doesn't really have a sense of humor though?

  2. hahaha i completely agree with everything you just wrote. this season will either suck, or be awesome. they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel for this crop...

  3. Oh I am so happy your commentary is back :)

  4. So excited!!! Des wouldn't have been my first choice but I have a good feeling about this show.

  5. thank you for posting these each week. the make my life better.

  6. No comment about Drew? He was adorable!! I really hope she picks him. But they haven't really shown much of him. I'm hoping for a one on one day with them soon!


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