three things this week that are particularly awesome:

one // pizzeria 712. People, I don't like pizza. It doesn't tickle my fancy. With that said, mckay & i made our way over to the local pizza shop, pizzeria 712 & it was fabulous. The atmosphere is quaint, & quiet. We ordered old fashioned sodas & they served us with warm pita bread & hummus- which is also something i normally don't like but it was super. As we were browsing the menu, the couple sitting next to us recommended the braised short rib so we didn't object. It was great & though we don't normally order an appetizer, we will next time. As far as the pizza goes, i would say it is chick-oriented pizza. Topped with things like spinach & the thin crust- you won't leave feeling like you need to lay flat on the floor for the next 4 days. The only down side is that is more expensive than your ordinary pizza parlor. (menu here.) We will be going back for our pizza-fill.

two // Mac's Cherry lip pencil topped with Russian Red. For date night to the pizzeria, I wore this lip duo for the first time. Though wearing lipstick while eating is annoying, I was feeling particularly fancy. After the meal, I checked to see if I had red lipstick smeared to every quadrant of my face or if it even survived the meal & totally transferred to my food. Good news, people, it was totally intact. I didn't have to touch up & it didn't feather. It was a red-lipstick miracle.

three // the great gatsby's soundtrack.


  1. I don't really like pizza either! I've never seen anyone who shared that opinion with me, everyone usually thinks I'm crazy.

  2. Yes to 712 (get their white pizza. not on the menu, but so good), and double yes to that song. when i have to clean the house, it's on repeat.

  3. Gatsby soundtrack has been on replay.
    love love love it.
    bailey @

  4. The Gatsby soundtrack blew my mind. I have a feeling when Academy Awards make their way to TV, they might just be up for an Oscar!
    I loved the Kanye/JayZ rap music transitions into Roarin' 20's tunes haha.

  5. OBSESSED with The Great Gatsby Soundtrack. I've been listening to it over and over again for a month!

  6. i went there once and our pizza had an egg in the middle. needless to say i did not eat that bite. we also needed help as to how to read the menu haha. also, mac has the best line of makeup products by far.

  7. I hate when lipsticks feather :(

  8. i am in love with the great gastby soundtrack!


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