the bachelor : week four. speedos & a love story.


opening scene, they are all wearing matching zip-ups. that's cute. real cute, boys.

des gets more annoying every week. there, i said it.

" relationships with my men." coughpolyandristcough

being the bachelorette would be a good gig if you want to be a model. Hey, go walk down the beach looking content. Go stand by the fence & look off into the distance.

"have you ever had salt water taffy?" "No." Crawl out from that rock you have been living beneath for the last 30 years, dude.

I like Atlantic city. Adding it to my "place to go" list.


Well this dinner is awkward.

I think James has a peacock feather tattoo on his bicep. Not my first choice, but okay. That's masculine.

"I absolutely love every single moment of this date." Sure you did, Des. Dates are always fun with guys  you don't jive with.

"Unfortunately, I do have to say.. goodbye." You are the weakest link.

I am pretty sure that Ron Swanson is the one who just took Brad's bags. See?
I feel like as women, we like the idea of a man crying- it's sweet & tender, however, in reality, it's like- grow a pair.

Another one bites the dust.

I like that Brooks referred to Des as a unicorn. That's a compliment. I think.

Drew has been hiding. Seriously. Where has he been? He's nice & normal. Both appreciated.

For the love of all things good, let's hope that Michael's dreams of being Mr. America was drenched in sarcasm or he can take his perfected quaffed hair to the door.

Smirks all around from the men when their pageant coach walked out. Stereotypical.

Juan Pablo, the baton twirler. That makes sense.

"This speedo is small. It's going to bare a lot." Oh, shut up, Ben.

Heels & hoolahoops, he should win the talent portion. Or at least the best effort award.

I take that back. Zak wins.

Kasey? What. I'll stop guessing.

I know what I want to do with my life. I want to be the person that sets up the dessert platters for the bachelorette & her flock of men. I imagine the pay isn't bad. It takes a significant amount of talent.

Awe, james in his robe drinking a glass of wine. Make sure to paint your nails next, darling.

I totally cried seeing the hurricane destruction. Mostly because it's an awful thing. Partially because I'm really hormonal.

Oh no, I can't handle personal stories. That poor couple. They spent their 38th anniversary at the shelter during the hurricane. Between love stories & natural disasters, I'm a mess.

I really hope Des giving Manny & Jan her date for the evening wasn't staged. It probably was but I am going say it was just a random act of kindness.

Des is totally put off that James cheated. Perhaps for good reason.

Regardless if Manny's & Jan's date was planned, I'm still so glad that they were able to do that.

Oh no, their wedding book. In the words of the departed Brandon, I don't have enough tears to cry.

My heart burst when Jan leaned over to Manny & said, "so sexy, so sexy" when he was speaking italian. Something about a lasting marriage is so sweet.

James is okay, I suppose. Nice enough, however, I don't think he will make it much further.

Look Michael, the hand to the jaw is 99% of the time a good move during a kiss- unless your thumb is broken & you have a big A cast caressing her cheek.

Who is that guy that didn't get a rose? I swear I have never seen him before. Oh well, I'm not heartbroken.

It's clear that Bryden doesn't want to date Des but he accepted the rose. Hey, I would too if that means i get to travel the world for free. Twist my arm.

Until next time, who are you placing bets on?


  1. YES YES YES to all of the above!! So glad I'm not the only one who didn't recognize the guy who didn't get a rose. Such a sweet story with the couple.
    I really liked this episode.

    Or at least Drew for the next Bachelor if he doesn't win.
    And seriously. It made sense why they called Zak W., Zak W... who knew there was another Zack?! Haha. Adios nobody!
    Also, Brooks is proving to be pretty hilarious. And he's our hometown boy, so I'd love to see a SLC hometown date!

  3. Brooks is great. I'm guessing that Brooks and Christopher are going to be in the final four. Juan Pablo and Drew definitely have a chance in there. I hope she starts dating Drew soon. He IS normal.

  4. they should just get rid of Des. there is enough bromance to run the show. i mean seriously, have you noticed how well these guys get along (aside from ben, of course)? they all crack me up.
    drew is honestly the coolest. like cool and collected.


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