the bachelor : week two. bad raps & cats.


Oh, that blue bentley is obnoxious.

sweet, sweet desiree, the 90's called- they want their knee high black boots back.

i quite like brooks. he is quirky & not a d-bag. Though the wedding dress/tux date is weird, they are ca-ute together. CA-UTE, people.

fact: bachelorette's love mormon guys.

soulja boy is 12, right? he looks like a tatted tween.

Michael G, you are spectacular with your perfectly quaffed hair.

"I have to.. jiggle my junk in her vicinity." I laughed but please cover your bits.

in the menu of gifts given on the bachelor, the journal from zak takes the cake. that is so sweet.

i really liked ben last week but he is definitely missing some social cues. Hello, don't be a wienie.

Bryden- braden- brandon- bry-not-a-real-name- i'm just going to call you dry toast.

"just kiss me already." get it, girl. #firsthottubmakeoutoftheseason

I appreciate that Michael called Ben out. He deserves a gold star or something. Maybe a cookie.

these men are so catty. meow.

I still think Chris Harrison should be the next bachelor.


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this post so much! I can't wait to read your thoughts after watching it.

  2. I agree with everything. And seriously, that rap music video was a disaster.

  3. Love it! I was shocked by Soulja boy too! And, I'm so on team Brooks. Here's to hoping he makes it really far!

  4. UGH that rapping was ridiculous!!! So cringe-worthy but so funny.

  5. I honestly look forward to your Baachelor/Bachelorette weekly reviews.
    Your a golden one Meg.
    bailey @


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