the bachelorette : week three. cowboys & the creep.


I'm so disappointed that Ben is such a wiener.

Brandon, cute headband- if you are a 12 year old boy in PE.

National dodge ball? That's a thing?

Michael looks like leonardo dicaprio sometimes.

Mikey never goes to the gym. He was born with those arms the size of texas.

Those tiny shorts are bad news.

YES. First hospital visit of the season.

I think Michael might be my favorite. Though his team lost, he was still nice.

I feel like more dudes on this season have babies then the regular bunch. Also, the name Maddox is cute.

"oh, how did you find this place?" in reference to the roof. "oh, i just found it." you mean, with the help of the producers, of course.

Brooks is a nice person. There's no denying it.

I don't know how Des kissing so many guys in one day. How is she not having an anxiety attack?

While she is casually writing in her journal, Chris calls. Typical.

She speeds off in her aqua colored bentley. Also typical.

"Finding my husband is not a game." That's why you are on a reality TV show. Right.

Did anyone else thoroughly enjoy Zak's holy-sh face when the girlfriend walks in? Loooove it.

Ooooh, Des feels uncomfortable as she pats the back of the girlfriend. How courteous of her.

"Steph, hold on for a second." Chris is so good at playing the best friend.

Ah, he banged it out the weekend before he came out for the bachelorette. What a dog, what a dog, people.

Pauly, the bouncer, wearing a beret. Quality.

Woah, shot of the guys bedroom. They are shoved in there like sardines.

Brandon is a sweet person but that is emotional baggage I wouldn't want to deal with.

Building dancing & a windy dip in the pool. What a mess.

Most of the skit-oriented dates seem miserable, I quite like this group date.

I laughed when Dan's pants ripped right up the crack.

Juan Pablo for the next bachelor.

"popcorns & stuff." says juan pablo. popcorns.


I'm starting to like Bryden. He has more personality this week.

Zak is funny. Let's keep him, Des. Watch, she won't.

"Only if you will accept my daisy." James for the win!

I just realized I'm starting to like most of the guys even though 2 weeks ago I thought they were all creeps.

I hope Mikey & Michael beat Ben to a pulp.

That was rude. I hope they just lightly punch him in the junk.

Also, does anyone remember d-bag Ryan from Emily's season? Good news, Ben has the same lady tank.

Brandon is so emotional in every conversation. Lighten up, man. I'm insensitive. Whatever.

WOAH. Brandon dropped the L word. Des is creeped out.

Hello blue sequins. You should go back into the costume closet.

Des should smile while delivering roses. You would think she is doing this for free.

You better believe the producers choose the order of the roses. They need to create suspense somehow.

Brandon's heart is broken. He will not survive.

I don't understand when people on this franchise say, "you're making a mistake." No dude, I don't like you, I'm not feeling it, see you later.

Oh my, Brandon is so creepy. "I'm in love with Des," It's been 2 weeks, you weirdo & you've had 4 conversations with her.

I can't handle this.

This episode felt long. See you next week. I'm not emotionally invested. (I'm lying to you.)

Also, I'm waiting for someone to autotune clips of "I hate Ben" statements so I can buy it & play it all of the time. Nothing will beat Courtney's "I got the roooooosssee" tune though.


  1. so, every week i post your Bachelor post on f-book (i know, i'm SUCH a creep) and all my friends comment on it. this week i tried to just do my top 5 favorite comments of yours and it was close to impossible. although, the one i agree with the most?? "I just realized I'm starting to like most of the guys even though 2 weeks ago I thought they were all creeps."

  2. Once again, Meg for the win.
    bailey @

  3. I thoroughly enjoy your Bachelorette commentary. Please keep it coming!

  4. I enjoyed this :)
    I think my faves are Zak (he's so funny), Bryden & the guy who gives Des the daisy.
    Oh and Juan Pablo.
    I'm loving this show.. I'm TOTALLY emotionally invested.

  5. I'm calling some top four people. Ready?
    Juan Pablo
    Those are just my favorite people though.
    I love that you blog this show. I am so shamelessly obsessed.

  6. Love it. Your reviews are the best:)

  7. Zak, Bryden, and James for sure!
    Good riddance, Brandon. (I feel like there's something about that name... it always leads to overly emotional guys)
    Also, I feel like a lot of the guys this season kind of look the same. It's hard to keep track.

  8. amen amen amen amen. your recaps are SO spot on.

  9. Meg, your bachelorette comments are hilarious and bloody brilliant. Okay so bloody is {loosely} swearing where I'm from but seeing as I live in the US now I feel I can use it and be safe. I also tell people women have the Priesthood in England just to see what they say.

    Seriously though, keep these posts coming. They make the show all the more entertaining.

    Also, randomly I was in the same MTC group as McKay! Small world huh? {or I'm a creeper}

    1. What a ridiculously small world. I called McKay when I saw this & he was really excited. He has a particular love for the people from his mission- especially the English ones!

    2. Aw sweet :) for reals, the MTC was an incredible experience and even more so because we were blessed with a fantastic district! Say hello to "Elder Livingston"!


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