+we are going as leaders to a church youth camp this weekend. i'm afraid we are going to be the leaders that everyone says, "did you hear what the livingston's let their kids get away with?" we're all hooligans.

+i'm excited for previously noted event, even though i've been a hot mess the last two days.

+it's really awkward to go to events in my hometown. i liked high school but that doesn't mean i ever want to relive those years. plus, i'm awkward & i run away when i see people i know. i apologize to anyone at the carnvial that i avoided like the plague. it's not you, it's social situations in general.

+i am so happy for friends that are having tiny ones. it means i can snuggle theirs & not have any of my own for a while.

+contradicting the last statement, i bought a tiny person dress over the weekend because it was only $5 & adorable. it won't be put into use for years.

+i am thankful for the days that mckay & i don't work until the afternoons. we make breakfast together & snuggle a bit longer. mostly, i am thankful for him.

+something about the summer makes me crave really terrible music- pussycat dolls kind of terrible. If you also miss some early 2000's hip hop, i suggest the "1, 2 step by Ciara" pandora station. All of your black eyed peas dreams will come true.

+speaking of terrible music, miley cyrus' new music video. why? just why.


  1. I for sure had Ciara stuck in my head all day yesterday. Not ashamed.

  2. The more I watch and think about Miley's video the more confused I get. But at the same time I'm so obsessed with her. It's a problem.
    Ps. I once saw your husband at UVU and stared for a tad too long. It probably happens often. Poor guy. Too bad Internet stalking is so great. Love your blog!

  3. I love this kind of post. You and Mckay are going to be the bomb trek parents. Instead of "did you hear what the Livingstons let their kids get away with," it's going to be, "Your parents are the Livingstons?!? I hate you." Way to start a trek feud guys. Nice.

  4. new miley cyrus video= i have no words.

  5. girls camp, stake conference or trek? either way, it can't be worse than going up to camp and being confused for a girl over and over and over again. it really happened. they just didn't get it. at least you'll have your man with you to let the other adults know you're an adult and not think you're just a kid with a "promise ring."

  6. Completely agree on Miley's new video. It's literally so disturbing.

  7. I love trashy horrible music. Summer does bring out the worst though.


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