summer essentials.


one : revlon super lustrous lipgloss - coral reef
though my heart lies with lipstick, during the summer I generally wear something less maintenance. I have been continually wearing this coral gloss. It's sticky enough that it maintains a reasonable staying power, however, it doesn't feel heavy. Plus it's cheap.

two : nars highlighting blush - albatross
during the summer, I lean towards a bronzed, golden look. This highlighter isn't for the faint of heart. It's a golden sheen. I appreciate that it is just a sheen because a lot of highlighters are too glittery for my liking. Though the price is a bit outrageous, it is so pigmented so it will last forever.

three : tarte bronzer - hotel heiress
don't quote me, but I think that this bronzer might be on it's way out. You can currently purchase it on Sephora for $10 which makes me feel like Tarte is discontinuing this it which is sad. Bronzers are the most moody cosmetic in the land. Too red, too brown, too muddy, not matte, too glittery, blah, blah, blah. Hotel heiress is dark, but not muddy. I don't use it to contour because it has a slight sheen but I do use it with a light hand to bronze my face. It's pretty & easy to work it. Take note, it is dark. I'm between a NC 25 & NC 30 in Mac foundations & it is still rather dark. If you are a lighter lady, I recommend Benefit's Hoola or a cheaper alternative, NYC's bronzer in Sunny.

four : milani's baked blush - luminoso 
oh, for the love. next to lip products, i hoard blushes & I can't get away from this product. it's the perfect peachy coral which a light sheen which gives a natural glow. It's cheap & awesome. Go get it.

five : garnier skin renew miracle skin perfector BB cream combintion to oily skin - medium/deep
disregarding the obnoxious name, this stuff is the bomb. Garnier does offer another formula however I have only tried the oil free version. I have a friend who has normal to dry skin & still loves the oil free version. BB creams are sort of a crock of crap- promising you'll wake up with skin like a baby's butt. I toss Garnier's promises aside & take the product for what it is. This BB cream gives medium coverage which is amazing for being so light. I apply it with a beauty blender & it goes on light a dream. The staying power isn't 24 hours like Revlon ColorStay but it will last all day in the heat. They only offer three colors, i believe which is a bummer. I won't be able to use medium/deep when I lose my tan because it does run rather dark. I appreciate the SPF so i don't turn into a couch when I'm 30. With the SPF, i don't notice that it oxidizes & changes color. Two thumbs up.

six : maybelline's the rocket volum express waterproof 
if you don't want your lashes running down your face in 100 degree weather, this stuff isn't moving which is a pro & a con. It's a wreck to remove but on long days, it does the job. It also holds a curl better than most mascaras.

what are your summer go-to's?


  1. SO glad to hear about the BB cream! I've been wanting to try that.... How do you think it would work with acne prone skin?? I'm curious to know before I spend the whopping 7 bucks ;)

    1. Oh, I'm oily & acne prone & it hasn't irritated my skin. Dare I say, it's helped the condition & frequency of break outs.

  2. I have to know what kind of eyeliner you use! Mine always smudges by the end of the day which is why I've done the simply mascara thing for years but a new job means I have to look like an adult and that means eyeliner!

    1. Camille,

      I swear by Elf's Liquid Liner. It is freaking ridiculous. It stays on like nobody's business.

  3. i know you posted this a while ago, but hopefully you'll still see my comment. couple questions... do you only ever use liquid liner? if you switch it up to a pencil ever, let me know what you use and love. i only ever use elf's liquid, but in this summer heat, some days i'd rather avoid the liquid liner. my other question is about your brushes. do you swear by any certain brushes? i've had mine for too many years, and should probably get new ones. (last question, i swear!) how often do you clean your brushes, and what do you use to clean them? thanks, meg! sorry for the overload. it's easier to ask you than to research these products on my own! haha

    1. Nicole,

      I occasionally use a pencil liner- mostly to smoke out my upper lash line. my current favorite is Teddy by Mac. It's a deep brown with a hint of bronze.

      I absolutely love Sigma brushes! I have a few mac brushes & they are equal quality to sigma but double the price.

      I try to clean them weekly but that usually doesn't happen. I mix dish soap, white vinegar, & hot water. It works like a charm!

    2. thanks, meg! i'll have to try those brushes.


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