the bachelorette : week 5. another private concert & catty dudes.


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Arrived in Munich & james is wearing a supa-cute scarf. I feel weird about men wearing scarves as a fashion statement.

Chris Harrison loves layers. He is always wearing at least four layers.

We're off to a bad start. I can only comment on the fashion. I'm bored.

Chris is nice. I suppose.

I think it's funny that Bryden is asking the locals if they have seen TV camera's. As if the camera guy following him around doesn't know where they are.

The "i'm going home" conversation was anticlimactic. I wish she would have slapped him or something. You know, Jerry Springer style.

"Why would he come all the way to Germany to tell me?" That shouldn't be a question. A free trip to Europe? No, thanks. I'll go home now.

Des is dry toast. Chris is as well. I can see that happening.

Michael & Ben. Yes. High five to the producers on that one.

I would be a terrible bachelorette. I know I would start to laugh during the poetry sesh.

& another private concert. I'm over it.

Oh no, Drew is wearing a cute scarf too. I'd like to borrow it.

Michael is sort of a drama queen.

The rose on a platter of snow. Fitting.

The ice hotel reminds me of one of the episodes of Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

I think Mikey will be going home soon.

Zak the priest. Alright.

Watching the Bachelorette while on Nyquil makes it less fun, which is surprising.

Brooks creepin' on Des & James. I wish he would have interrupted their make out.

I'm so glad Brooks got the rose. He might be my favorite.

Also, I think James is a bit of a snake.

I hope Ben & Michael duke it out. I feel so awkward & they have been on their date for three minutes.

Polar Bear Plunge. Where is tierra when we need her? She was so good at that game.

Right as they are about to jump in, did anyone catch the photobomber? That was great.

a hot tug. i think they are running out of date ideas,

Michael wants to throw Ben in the lake. I wouldn't object.

Poor Des, "soooo, what new tradition do you want to start with your future family?" That back fired.

This is such a mess. She is keeping the rose.

Michael. That was a twist,

Chris Harrison is such a good BBF,

I fell asleep at this point.

This was lame.

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