things i learned on trek.


mckay & i had the opportunity to be leaders at our church's youth camp this last weekend. we dressed up like pioneers & trekked around the dessert. it was the tiniest taste of what being a pioneer would have been like.

this is what i learned.

one : priesthood + faith = miracles.

two : the dirtier you get, the less you care.

three : teen boys make weird noises for no reason.

four : i wasn't old enough to be a leader but i sure loved hanging out with the girls in our family.

five : caterpillars, small beetles, flies, moths, okay. spiders, no. never.

six : if i was a pioneer, i'd be one of the first ones to go.

seven : teenagers carry a stigma that they are hooligans, but the kids in our ward are so good. they are such an example to me.


  1. Teenagers, right? Changing the world one minute after the other. I love them. So much.

  2. i am always secretly wishing we'll get called to do trek! i loved it as a youth! so i'm pretty much jealous.


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