unorganized thoughts from the weekend.


+I think when a person turns 60, along with a birthday party, they should retake the driving test because frankly, most of the elderly shouldn't be driving anything but a jazzy.

+I'm currently midway through the desperate housewives series. It makes me want to pull my hair out & bake a pie all at the same time.

+Is it terrible that I am ready to pull out our christmas tree already?

+I don't drink, smoke, gamble, or run around naked (outside of my home) but we're going to vegas for my 21st birthday. how cliche & perfect.

+this season of the bachelorette is a total bust. i have fallen asleep during the last three weeks.

+every sunday, I hang out with a flock of 2 year olds for a few hours at church. sometimes it makes me want to have one of my own but most of the time, it makes me want to be a mother to puppies instead.


  1. i considered going to vegas for my 21st.. but we go to vegas way too often for it to be a special event haha. i still have no idea what i want to do for it. maybe i'll buy a beer and use it on my hair.

  2. we always seem to be watching the same things on netflix at the same time.

  3. We are in nursery too, and even though some of the time they are adorable, it is pretty much the best birth control out there! haha

  4. Vargas? Haha nice! You'll have fun anyways I am sure!
    Bach is making me sad too- I can't stand the guys.. Here's to hoping for the next season to be better!
    Lol go with the puppies...

  5. wait..what?! you are only going to be 21? I will be 21 on September 1st! I thought you were way older than me!


    the first one is so funny and so true. and i am with you on the Christmas trees! i was listening to Christmas music just the other day.

  6. I love Desperate Housewives. Netflix made me addicted. Also, I want it to be Christmas too.



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